Dream career guidance for the creative woman

Do you remember back to being a kid and knowing what you wanted to be when you grew up? Maybe you wanted to be a painter or a doctor or an astronaut-ballerina? Way back when, a dream career was born.

Then you became a “grown-up” and those dreams got tossed aside. You focused on what was practical and pursued what was safe. You probably bought into the idea that it’s called work (and not play) for a reason. But now, you’re questioning those truths and thinking that work might not have to be a 4-letter word. That’s why I’m here.

I’m Michelle Ward. As the When I Grow Up Coach, I help creative women like you find a career that is not only financially rewarding, but fulfilling and meaningful too. I don’t use magic and I don’t read tea leaves,* but I do use a personalized process to help you uncover your lifestyle goals and turn them into your dream career.

*But I do play a pink ukulele and I have gone through this journey myself.

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