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Nov 19 2014

I’m yearning for _____ but am _____ instead.

What I'm yearning for

Thanks to all the amazeballs feedback I got on my last super personal post (seriously, THANK YOU!), I’ve promised myself to share more journal-like entries here in hopes it continues to help comfort, inspire, and ignite you. 

I’m yearning for structure, but am winging it instead.

I’m yearning to read and/or journal right before bed, but am scrolling through my phone instead.

I’m yearning for exercise, but am telling myself I’m “too busy” and it “costs too much” instead.

I’m yearning for my morning meditation + yoga routine, but am telling myself I don’t have time instead.

I’m yearning to organize All The Things, but am living amongst the chaos instead.

I’m yearning to have a more normal work schedule, but have yet to come to terms with getting childcare instead.

I’m yearning for reinvention and expansion, but am staying safe instead.

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Nov 05 2014

Confession: I’m stuck.


Inspirational Card from Nightly Doodles

I wrote this on October 15th and have been keeping it in draft form. Now that I’m on the other side – and have decided & communicated what to do with my Clubhouse with the existing members- I thought I’d post it even though it scares me. It’s always scary to be vulnerable and expose that you don’t always have your shit together, but so is my way. It’s why I have this blog. It’s why I do this work. It’s what I want to encourage and bring to the surface. Things are NOT always shiny on the other side of your laptop, and the business owners you follow do NOT come to their business decisions quickly or easily very often. Here’s how I got through my latest hurdle.

I’m stuck.

It feels weird.

It’s so unlike me.

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Jul 16 2014

How to Make Your Dreams Come True (or, How I Became a Mom)

It’s with over-the-moon happiness, joy, pride, excitement, love and All The Emotions that Luke & I get to announce that we’re the parents of this 9 wk old, 11+ pound bundle of deliciousness.

We’ve been parenting her since 6/16, & while the adoption won’t be finalized ’til the end of the year-ish, we’re now secure in the fact that this is our daughter – and we’re so beyond-beyond we have to shout it from the rooftops.


This is our first official family-of-3 photo, taken Saturday morning. She even gave us The Ward Eyebrow to show how much she belongs.

Luke & I decided we wanted to adopt in Dec ’12, and it took 9 months to pick an agency, get the paperwork done, etc. We’ve been “on the books” since September (when our profile started to be shown to birth Moms), but only had 4 days notice last month when we were told that we were “chosen”.

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May 27 2014

A summer to be tested, create space, embody “new”… and why I won’t be around as much as you’re used to

My kind, wise friend Kari Chapin made this postcard for me last year & it’s been on my calendar ever since. (Coincidentally, I’ll have Kari’s Grown Up Gigs interview + an exciting contest up on the blog this Thursday).

Last month, I was scrambling.

I had signed a contract with creativeLIVE (which was literally a dream come true) to teach a course in September, and I had to cut the amount of private clients I’d be working with this summer so I can create some time and space to give to prepping for the course.

And just like that, my last private coaching spot was gone – and I wasn’t gonna have another one for 5 more months.

Actually, there wouldn’t be any way to work with me during that time.

I started the “What if…?” game, fueled by panic and fear.

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Jan 28 2014

Tapping Into Your Inner Child

I’m thrilled thrilled thrilled (thrilled!) to be able to show you guys my presentation + interview from the Reboot Workshop back in October here in NYC.

I spent my 15 minutes on speaking from experience on tapping into your inner child, and how it pays such a big fat role in my life and my biz.

The video even shows the slides I was showing behind me, and let’s just say that they include lots of embarrassing old show shots. (Can we say spandex leopard-print bell-bottomed sequined jumpsuit? Yes, yes we can.)

Here it is:

And after I was done, TED Speaker and the founder of 1 Second Every Day Cesar Kuriyama interviewed me (and Lucille, my pink ukulele!):

What did you takeaway from the video(s)? Any questions for me? Like the spot in the video where I totally lost my place?

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Jan 20 2014



Go Confidently print from Sarah Frances Art.

I’ll admit it and risk the big head you might think I have:

I’ve never had a lack of confidence.

In fact, my mother has said it’s the #1 thing she wanted to install in my brother and me when we were children, and I think my parents succeeded in spades (although it shows itself differently in my brother, which is a whole different post to be written by someone else).

Growing up, I was told I was smart, pretty, talented, special, sweet, and pretty much The Best.

As both a child and an adult, I’ve had my fair share of failures: careers, relationships, you name it.

But the thing is…I never really let it stop me from believing that I could do it.

Sure, I picked the hardest things to pursue: acting and then, of all things, life coaching.

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Jan 08 2014

I Believe


I Believe in Pink wooden sign by WordsOnWood11.

I Believe that you can do it. We all can. Nobody has superhuman strength or luck that’s better than another’s. What differs between us is our optimism, our drives, our perspectives and our choices.

I Believe that work can feel like play. That we can all make a grown-up living doing what we love. That 5/7th of our week does not have to be dreaded and anxiety-filled.

I Believe that there is a Renaissance Soul insurgence at hand. Having a “slash” career with more than one title or occupation will soon become commonplace…and I’ll be ushering it in with open arms and lots of happy dances.

I Believe that we’re each unique snowflakes, and there is room for us all.

I Believe that we all work for ourselves, even when someone else is signing out paychecks.

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Jan 07 2014

2013 By The Numbers

January 2012 brought you My 2011 By the Numbers (kinda-sorta)/ Why You Don’t Need Big Bucks to Get Referrals / How One Person Can Change Your Biz Landscape.

January 2013 brought you 2012 By the Numbers (and what’s changed from last year).

And now, in January 2014, the tradition continues…in infographic format!

This took hours, people. But don’t it look (mostly) great?

Blank Page (1)

Have any questions about my numbers…or yours? Leave ‘em in the comments!

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Jan 06 2014

Dear Future Me (the 2014 edition)

NEWPhoto by Sean MacEntee and “new” added by me.

This is the fourth time I’ve written a Dear Future Me letter. You can read the others here and here and here (and why I didn’t write one last year here), and the idea behind the Dear Future Me letter from the amazeballs woman I stole it from (hi Jess LC!) right here

Before writing this letter, I was also struggling with my Word of the Year. Boundaries? Simplify? Efficiency? Ease? Discomfort? Growth? They all didn’t click quite right with me. But from this letter, the Word of The Year became clear (and I had no fear! didya hear?): New. Hence, the photo above. 

I was also surprised as to how general the letter was this year. I usually get super specific as to exactly what I do for myself and my business…but that didn’t show up this time around – and that’s OK.

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Jul 23 2013

The Joy Up

This post is part of The Joy Up Stories Series. The Joy Up begins August 1st with hundreds of women who are ready to claim their joy and deepen love, ritual, trust and rhythm. Join us by clicking here

My brother got married on Sunday.

I’m writing this post before the big day, but I already know how it went, how I felt, and what happened.

It went amazeballs.

I felt emotional, happy, sweet, nostalgic, and full of wonder.

I got to witness my brother marrying a woman I have zero doubt that he loves, honors and respects. Jen compliments him, and they’re such a great team. You know when someone meets someone and they just change, in a way that leads them to be more open, more authentic, more comfortable in their own skin?

That’s what’s happened to my brother.

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