2015 is halfway over! Here’s where my biz is at, what’s to come, & 4 ways to achieve your 2015 goals.

HOW is it July 14th already? How how how?

This year has simply flown by and I feel very firmly rooted in all that’s transpired and all that’s to come.

I haven’t done this before that I can remember, but I wanted to be transparent as to where I’m at with my 2015 goals at this halfway point. Hope that it’s an eye opener for you and inspires you to do your own recap based on your business or career goals!

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Fear of Failure? Remember This One Thing.

Fear of Failure? Remember this one thing.

On Sunday, I ran my first half-marathon: the MORE/FITNESS/SHAPE Women’s Half in Central Park.

Never in my life did I think I could run a half-marathon. My time was a bit longer than I wanted, but I’m so proud of myself for hitting my overall goal of not walking during the race at all (a pee break & water stops excluded). #womenruntheworld #fuckyoucancer

A photo posted by Michelle Ward (@whenigrowupcoach) on Apr 19,

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The only thing that matters right now…

The only thing that matters right now...

The only thing that matters right now is that we’re finalizing our daughter’s adoption today.

I thought about the different posts I could write, but none of them were met with any kind of enthusiasm or focus. So, I’m pushing them out a week to tell you the things that’re in my head.

I have to tell you that you can find yourself saying aloud,

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It’s your choice.

On Friday, December 26th, I decided to sign up for my first half-marathon.

I’m not sure what was in the air that made me do it.

I’ve only ever run a 5K, and did it barely and slowly. And that was 8 months ago! Since then I’ve walked tons (for the Avon 2 Day Walk I now do annually), but have only gone on runs super sporadically.

Wish me luck!

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Dear Future Me (2015)

Dear Future Me (the 2015 edition)

New glasses (that I’m planning to wear in public often, which I’ve never really done before – and I’ve had glasses since 1987!) + new haircut + unstraightened hair (which I also haven’t done regularly since ’87 or so!) = the 2015 me!

This is the fifth time I’ve written a Dear Future Me letter. You can read the others here and here and here and here (and why I didn’t write one in 2013 here),

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2014 By The Numbers

It’s my 4th annual By The Numbers post, and I loved doing the infographic so much last year that I spent boatloads of time doing it again. Huzzah!

This year I’m feeling a bit nervous that you guys are gonna think I’m humblebragging about my year, but I also wanna practice what I preach and acknowledge myself for the amazeballsness that was 2014. I exceeded my income goal (while only averaging a 20 hour work week!),

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What happens when you live for your retirement?

design (10)

My Dad is in his mid-60s. He and his wife recently moved out of their condo and into a retirement community an hour or two away from where they were living.

They made the move earlier than they planned, but are enjoying the “semi-retired” life that’s spent doing a bit of work and a lot of leisure.

In late October, my Dad came to visit from Florida.

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Why I’ve pared down my offerings – and my business mission!

Why I pared down my offerings AND my business mission
Within the past couple months, I’ve made some BIG decisions.

The decision to no longer offer Running Over Writing Roadblocks – a workbook I made 3 years ago – as a download on my site.

The decision to transition my Grown Up Gigs interview series from video to a podcast.

The decision to close The When I Grow Up Clubhouse – my community site that’s been open for almost 2 years –

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