How Not to Change Careers, in 10 Easy Steps…

"Work" doesn't have to be a four-letter word...

How Not to Change Careers in 10 Easy Steps, by The When I Grow Up Coach:

Step 1: Believe that “work” is a 4 letter word, and no adult is supposed to like their job. (My own Dad would come home each work night and say “It’s called ‘work’ because it’s not play – but I guess I’ll go back tomorrow because I have to.”

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3 Mindset Shifts for A Successful Career Change (or, How My Clients Gain Trust, Acceptance and Confidence)

When I decided I wanted to offer a free webinar to celebrate the re-launch of my site (and my purdy new branding!), I tortured myself.

Should I do something on finding your uniquity? On your career compass? Ooh, maybe my peeps need something to help them get back in the driver’s seat of their career. Or my biggest Creative Business Success tips!

I had almost 100 people fill out a survey that had one clear-cut “winner”

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What to Expect When You Change Careers to Become an Entrepreneur

What to Expect When You Change Careers to be an Entrepreneur

Leaving one job and starting another – even on our own accord – is listed as a Top 5 Stressful Situation.

The others? Death of a loved one, divorce, moving, and major illness. I mean, these are often traumatic, life-changing events! And yet, most of us try to brush off our impending career change as something that’s no big deal. In fact, we should actually just suck it up and continue with our soul-crushing work because,

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3 Pillars to Help You Find – and Follow – Your Dream Career

3 Pillars to Help You Find - and Follow - Your Dream Career

Ohmygoodness, I’ve been published on Elephant Journal!

(They’re the best over there. Don’t be shy about submitting something! I’ve been intimidated by it all year, but it was a really easy, fun and kind process.)

If you wanna hear how I found and followed my dream career – twice! – and the three truths/pillars/takeaways that helped most, click on over!

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Fear of Failure? Remember This One Thing.

Fear of Failure? Remember this one thing.

On Sunday, I ran my first half-marathon: the MORE/FITNESS/SHAPE Women’s Half in Central Park.

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6 Things My Hobbies Are Teaching Me About My Career

What my hobbies are teaching me about my career

It feels totally abnormal, but since our little sweets came along, I actually have picked up a new hobby and am holding on to an old one. As a new Mom, it feels a bit wrong to take time away from my baby and my business to do things that “aren’t productive” (aka don’t bring in any money or take care of anyone else but me), but I think subconsciously I know it’s more important than ever.

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What a Creative Career Doesn’t (& Does!) Care About


I Donut Care by Wood with Pictures

I’ve been The When I Grow Up Coach for the past 6 years, working with creative women to help them out of their soul-sucking jobs and into work that feels like play.

And in that time – and because of the type of work I do – I’ve come across all the excuses for a freelancer to not be ready to launch their business or commit to their work.

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Everything I’ve Learned…

How Being Stubborn, Depressed and Unpopular SAVED My Life” is an inspirational, honest, encouraging, vulnerable, emotional, illustrated, sweet memoir-of-sorts of one of my friends and Clubhousers, Jenipher Lyn. In this illustrated book, Jenipher offers her unique view on topics such as depression, body image, and fitting in – perfect for pre-teens through adults. This post is part of the DoodleDream* Blog Party, and features a rare thing: an image I personally made!

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