The 9 Things I Did to Quit My Job & Become an Entrepreneur

The 9 Things I Did to Quit My Job & Become an Entrepreneur

It was 2007.

I was an Account Manager for a startup-ish company (read: cool downtown office, lots of young people, OK to wear your pajamas to work) that seemed like the perfect match on paper. Unfortunately, it came with a verbally abusive boss that left me psychosomatic. My breaking point was having to run off a rush hour train to dry heave into a trash can at one of the busiest NYC subway platforms…and feeling fine once I knew I couldn’t go into work that day.

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4 Exercises to Help You Uncover Your Dream Career

4 Exercises to Help You Uncover Your Dream Career

Live your passion.

Follow your bliss.

Do what you love.

You’ve probably heard advice like this, and more when it comes to finding and achieving your dream career.

If you want to find fulfilling work, you have to love what you do, right? You have to passionate about it, right? You need to be blissed out 24/7 on it,

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How Not to Change Careers, in 10 Easy Steps…

"Work" doesn't have to be a four-letter word...

How Not to Change Careers in 10 Easy Steps, by The When I Grow Up Coach:

Step 1: Believe that “work” is a 4 letter word, and no adult is supposed to like their job. (My own Dad would come home each work night and say “It’s called ‘work’ because it’s not play – but I guess I’ll go back tomorrow because I have to.”

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Spoiler Alert: This will not be easy.

Spoiler Alert: This Career Change Thing Will Not Be Easy,

This whole career change thing? It will not be easy

The reason there’s not a magic pill or formula to help you discover or achieve your dream career is because it wouldn’t give you an answer you’d trust.

In order to get behind the WHAT and HOW of your dream career, you’ll have to do work that’s hard,

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6 Ways to Learn to Dream (as a Grown-Up)

6 Ways to Learn to Dream (as a Grown-Up)

Broadway star.



The person inside the traffic light who makes the colors change.

Debbie Gibson.

A horse.

A “boss”.

What do these things have in common? They’re the answers I gave to the “what do you want to be when you grow up?” question when I was little,

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My Best Advice on Making Your Dreams Actionable

My Best Advice for Making Your Dreams Actionable

In my 37 years, I remember so many times I put my dreams into action.

I remember putting up a show I wrote for my elementary school.

I remember getting chorus solos and leads in musicals.

I remember getting into NYU’s musical theater program at their Tisch School of the Arts, early admission. I remember being told they accepted 1 in 60 applicants.

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What to Expect When You Change Careers to Become an Entrepreneur

What to Expect When You Change Careers to be an Entrepreneur

Leaving one job and starting another – even on our own accord – is listed as a Top 5 Stressful Situation.

The others? Death of a loved one, divorce, moving, and major illness. I mean, these are often traumatic, life-changing events! And yet, most of us try to brush off our impending career change as something that’s no big deal. In fact, we should actually just suck it up and continue with our soul-crushing work because,

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Is it time to quit your job? Here’s how to tell.

Is it time to quit your job? Here's how to tell.

As The When I Grow Up Coach, I’ve heard it all when it comes to deplorable work situations.

Quotas that are impossible to reach.

Being spoken to in a way that counts as verbal abuse.

Bad reviews that come without merit or explanation.

Sexual harassment that has no consequences.

But despite obviously toxic work environments, you hear a voice in the back of your mind that says,

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