6 Ways to Learn to Dream (as a Grown-Up)

6 Ways to Learn to Dream (as a Grown-Up)

Broadway star.



The person inside the traffic light who makes the colors change.

Debbie Gibson.

A horse.

A “boss”.

What do these things have in common? They’re the answers I gave to the “what do you want to be when you grow up?” question when I was little,

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My Best Advice on Making Your Dreams Actionable

My Best Advice for Making Your Dreams Actionable

In my 37 years, I remember so many times I put my dreams into action.

I remember putting up a show I wrote for my elementary school.

I remember getting chorus solos and leads in musicals.

I remember getting into NYU’s musical theater program at their Tisch School of the Arts, early admission. I remember being told they accepted 1 in 60 applicants.

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What to Expect When You Change Careers to Become an Entrepreneur

What to Expect When You Change Careers to be an Entrepreneur

Leaving one job and starting another – even on our own accord – is listed as a Top 5 Stressful Situation.

The others? Death of a loved one, divorce, moving, and major illness. I mean, these are often traumatic, life-changing events! And yet, most of us try to brush off our impending career change as something that’s no big deal. In fact, we should actually just suck it up and continue with our soul-crushing work because,

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Is it time to quit your job? Here’s how to tell.

Is it time to quit your job? Here's how to tell.

As The When I Grow Up Coach, I’ve heard it all when it comes to deplorable work situations.

Quotas that are impossible to reach.

Being spoken to in a way that counts as verbal abuse.

Bad reviews that come without merit or explanation.

Sexual harassment that has no consequences.

But despite obviously toxic work environments, you hear a voice in the back of your mind that says,

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5 Ways to Thrive as a Renaissance Soul in your Career

5 Ways to Thrive as a Renaissance Soul in Your Career

I learned about the term Renaissance Soul thanks to a book I picked up years ago, when I was writing my research paper for my coaching school on how coaching creative types differs from coaching non-creative types.

The sub-title of the book was “Life Design for People with Too Many Passions to Pick Just One” (it’s now “How To Make Your Passions Your Life”).

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Fear of Failure? Remember This One Thing.

Fear of Failure? Remember this one thing.

On Sunday, I ran my first half-marathon: the MORE/FITNESS/SHAPE Women’s Half in Central Park.

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6 Things My Hobbies Are Teaching Me About My Career

What my hobbies are teaching me about my career

It feels totally abnormal, but since our little sweets came along, I actually have picked up a new hobby and am holding on to an old one. As a new Mom, it feels a bit wrong to take time away from my baby and my business to do things that “aren’t productive” (aka don’t bring in any money or take care of anyone else but me), but I think subconsciously I know it’s more important than ever.

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