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Dec 17 2014

What happens when you live for your retirement?

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My Dad is in his mid-60s. He and his wife recently moved out of their condo and into a retirement community an hour or two away from where they were living.

They made the move earlier than they planned, but are enjoying the “semi-retired” life that’s spent doing a bit of work and a lot of leisure.

In late October, my Dad came to visit from Florida. He was here for a family celebration, and was in my apartment with his wife, my mother-in-law, myself and the baby.

I walked into a conversation that my Dad was having with my mother-in-law, and it’s stuck with me since.

He was explaining to her how much they love their new home and lifestyle, and how devastated they were to hear that a close friend of theirs was newly diagnosed with terminal cancer.

A man in his 60s, he was given just months to live.

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Dec 16 2014

10 Things to Do Besides Complain About Your Job

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I know – your job sucks.

It might just be sucky enough that you’re bored, or checked out, or exasperated with your responsibilities or work environment…

…or it might be so sucky that it’s leaving you feeling ill – physically and/or emotionally…

…or it might be somewhere in between, falling on the scale between “soul-crushing” and “barely tolerating.”

If you find yourself complaining about your job, here’s 10 things to do instead:

1. Write down what you enjoy about your job. Thinking about it in your head ain’t enough – get it out on paper! What was it that made you interested in the job in the first place, and are those things still resonating? When have you felt useful or helpful at work? What is it about the culture, company mission, and/or people that you like?

2. Write down what you’ve enjoyed about past jobs. 

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Oct 08 2014

9 Main Reasons You’re Not Discovering – or Pursuing! – Your Dream Career

9 reason you're not discovering - or achieving! - your passionate career

I have almost 1,000 coaching hours under my belt with almost 300 clients, and I’ve heard some things.

Actually, I’ve heard all the things.

A big realization I had teaching my CreativeLive course is that there was nothing I hadn’t heard before when it comes to a creative, multi-passionate woman discovering, igniting, or achieving her dream career. And you are no exception.

{I mean that in the best way possible.}

Here are the 9 main reasons you’re not discovering – or pursuing! – your dream career, in no particular order:

1. You’re feeling Resistance! The War of Art classifies everything that’s keeping you from following through on your creative pursuits as Resistance. Resistance only exists to stop us, and the longer we don’t do what we’re supposed to – what’s calling to us – the stronger Resistance gets. Our only way to fight Resistance for the day (because Resistance comes back daily, no matter what)?

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Sep 10 2014

What a Creative Career Doesn’t (& Does!) Care About


I Donut Care by Wood with Pictures

I’ve been The When I Grow Up Coach for the past 6 years, working with creative women to help them out of their soul-sucking jobs and into work that feels like play.

And in that time – and because of the type of work I do – I’ve come across all the excuses for a freelancer to not be ready to launch their business or commit to their work.

It makes me weep, especially since the things we tell ourselves that matter when it comes to having a successful creative career are usually, um, the things that don’t matter.

Click here to hop over to the Freelancers Union blog & read all about what a creative career doesn’t (& does!) care about.



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Sep 09 2014

10 Reasons Your Current Career is the Wrong One


It Is Never Too Late…by Wanderlust 25 Paper Co.

If ya clicked on this headline, it’s because something just ain’t right at work.

Maybe you’re just not feeling like you’re doing something worthwhile.

Maybe your colleagues are nobody you’d actually wanna spend time with outside the office.

Maybe the things you’re asked to do are things you hate doing.

And maybe your have a verbally abusive manager that makes you feel like you’re constantly doing a terrible job.

Whatever the feeling, it’s not good – and I gave ya 10 reasons why over on CreativeLive.

Click here to read ‘em all (and stop the excuses already!).

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Aug 19 2014

Wanna Change Careers? Do These 5 Things First.


PRINT by ThimbleTypeCo.

When you’re thinking of changing careers, you often envision a few things:

  • much greener grass than what you’re used to grazing on
  • being well-rested and glow-y
  • smiling 24/7
  • blissful happiness that never ends
  • fame and fortune
  • becoming the “After” in all those makeover shows
  • unicorns and pots of gold and magic

Yeah. It can get out of control when you’re escaping your job in your mind, especially if you’re in a situation that’s unfulfilling at best and utterly abusive at worst.

Instead of latching on to those dreams at face value, though – or doing something totally drastic like making the leap to a career you reeeeeeeally don’t know anything about – do these 5 Things First:

1. Talk to at least one person who’s doing the thing you think you wanna do. It floors me every time, but I’ve never had a client not know someone they can personally talk to about a field they’re thinking of going into.

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Mar 25 2014

What I Tell Myself When I Don’t Think I Can Do It


LK I Talk To Myself by Tinker Tiles

Despite the confidence I have, there are times that my Vampire Voices (which is what’s told to us that sucks out the good stuff) take over my brain.

My Vampire says things like,

“Nobody will want this.”

“And you think you’re qualified to do this because why?”

“You must think you’re special. You’re not.”

“Why should you succeed when so many others fail?”

“You’ll never pull this off.”

“It’s a pipe dream. Be realistic for once.”

“You’re setting yourself up for disappointment.”

“You’re not (smart/pretty/good/knowledgable/talented/special) enough.”

When those voices talk to me, they’re usually very small but very powerful. I don’t necessarily hear them as much as I sense them. They’re a part of me even though they’re not here to support me.

4 years ago, I wrote that my response to these voices was:

“I know who I am.

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Mar 04 2014

Why You Shouldn’t Care Whether Your Dream Job is “In Demand”


Demand Greatness print from my dear friend The Tiffany Han

11 Hot College Majors.

12 Best Jobs for 2014 That Pay Up To $60/Hour.

Here are 5 Top Jobs in Serious Demand in 2014.

Marketing. Accounting. Software developer. Occupational therapist. Web developer. Engineer. Forensic Science. Database administrator. Health care….zzzzzzzzzzzz……

Oh, sorry. Must’ve nodded off there. All these “hot”, “best”, “top” jobs I’m reading about are putting me to sleep.

And they should be doing the same for you, too.

OK sure, it’s interesting to get stats back on the fields that are hiring the most workers now, or the career tracts that are tailored to a shortage. It’s interesting information, but not important information.

There’s no such thing as stability anymore

I’m taking this strong opinion because, well, safe is a four letter word.

A friend of mine just told me that tenure and the pay bump you’d get for having your master’s degree was taken away from teachers in North Carolina.

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Feb 18 2014

43 Modern Day Renaissance Souls (and at least 5 lessons to learn from ‘em)




When I Grow Up I Want To Be…poster by 1st Class Posters

Think Renaissance Souls went out with the, well Renaissance?

Back then, being an artist and a scientist and an inventor was looked on with admiration, respect, and genius status.

Now? It’s seen as flaky, ADD-like, and unfocused.

But just because Society (capital S) doesn’t like it, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any Renaissance Souls in 2014!

On the contrary.

Here are 50 modern day, living Renaissance Souls:

  1. Justin Timberlake***** (singer + actor + designer)
  2. Tracy Matthews* (jewelry designer + business teacher + yoga teacher)
  3. Crosby Noricks** (fashion marketing strategist & founder of PR Couture)
  4. Danielle Maveal** (rebel leader + GM of Social Good at Bark & Co)
  5. Rosalie Gale*** (artist + comedian + blogger + multiple biz owner + web developer)
  6. Kelly Rae Roberts** (artist + published author + teacher)
  7. Christina Loff ***(publicist + marketer + content strategist + marketing manager)
  8. Jen Hewett* (artist + printmaker + HR consultant)
  9. Melissa Dinwiddle (artist + singer + songwriter + ukulele player + teacher + writer)
  10. Andrea Owen* (life coach + published author)
  11. Delilah Snell (retail store owner + conference co-founder + master food preserver + teacher)
  12. Steve Martin***** (actor + novelist + playwright + screenwriter + comedian + producer + Grammy winning musician)
  13. Leah Kalimakas** (web designer + developer and founder of The Freelance to Freedom Project)
  14. Megan Collins* (fashion stylist + writer)
  15. Lesley Desantis (model + artist)
  16. Oprah***** (TV host + media mogul + publisher + actress)
  17. Allison Costa*** (food writer + owner of Ventura Food Tours)
  18. Jim Hopkinson (speaker + published author + podcast host + teacher)
  19. Mark Powers* (percussion teacher + workshop leader + professional musician)
  20. Summer Pierre* (illustrator + published author)
  21. Rachael Narins*** (chef + certified master gardener + master food preserver + food writer + co-owner of a culinary event company)
  22. Diane Gilleland*** (crafter + writer + editor + producer + teacher + podcast host)
  23. Jessica Swift* (illustrator + surface designer + published author)
  24. Jim Rash**** (actor + director + Oscar winning screenwriter)
  25. Beth Shorr* (Daily Show talent coordinator + owner of an Etsy shop)*
  26. Kim Werker***(writer + editor + blogger + crafter + speaker + brainstormer-for-hire)
  27. Donald Glover****(comedian + actor + rapper)
  28. Alexandra Franzen* (published author + professional wordsmith + teacher)
  29. Cathy Callahan*** (designer/maker + published author + window dresser + merchandiser + product consultant)
  30. S.M.

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Feb 11 2014

35 Careers You Won’t Believe Actually Exist


 Nothing is Impossible print by Le Monkey House

As I travel through the Interwebs (as I’ve been known to do on a regular basis), I sometimes come across a career, field or company that blows my mind with its existence.

These careers are the opposite of what we’re told is possible, lucrative, or stable.

And yet – here they are!

Get ready for some if-that-exists-than-I-can-do-what-I-want inspiration and encouragement (my favorite!):

  1. Professional mermaid
  2. Home run baseball catcher
  3. Music thanathologist (playing music bedside to help ease that person into death)
  4. Personalized rapper-for-hire
  5. Professional whistler
  6. Lego artist
  7. Flatulence filtering underwear seller
  8. Foley artist (they make sound effects!)
  9. Laughter therapist
  10. Elvis minister
  11. Pet detective
  12. Branded shirt wearer (which looks like it’s now morphing into selling book sponsorships)
  13. Snake milker
  14. In-home head lice remover
  15. Pizza firetruck owner
  16. Paint drying watcher
  17. Professional cuddler
  18. Goat renter (for landscaping)
  19. Professional Airbnb-er
  20. Human bed warmer
  21. Scavenger hunt master
  22. Smashing Place owner (where people can go and smash things to alleviate anger)
  23. Professional contest winner
  24. Wedding dance choreographer
  25. Graphic facilitator (take notes for meetings with mindmaps, illustrations and doodles.

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