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Jan 07 2015

New York magazine and a New York-based workshop

Did ya see that I was in this past issue of New York magazine?

I’ve been dying all day to get my hands on today’s copy of New York Magazine. My Kindle hasn’t refreshed with it, my issue has yet to arrive, & my local newsstand said they never got it today. Thankfully, Luke snagged a copy tonight & sent me this pic. I have yet to read the article & it won’t be online until next week…but I’m SO damn proudcited about this.

A photo posted by Michelle Ward (@whenigrowupcoach) on

I did happy dances all over social media about it, but held off happy dancing here ’cause I was told it’d be about a week ’til the article would be put online.

Thankfully, that week is up and you can read about what we give up when we become “freedom-seeking, self-determining, autonomous entrepreneurs” right here.

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Dec 18 2014

Why I probably won’t run Career Camp again (and a last-chance special deal!)

Why I won't be running Career Camp again - & a last day special!

Deciding to run Career Camp again – to start this January – was a bit of a last-minute decision.

I sent an email to my Tech Titan on Nov 7th with the subject line: “12/1 Career Camp Launch – am I nuts?”

I was nuts (still am, and proud of it!), but I knew that I could pull it off.

It felt important to me to offer this in the new year. I was excited about thinking of working with a new group of Campers who wanted to discover their passionate, grown-up career but couldn’t afford my one-on-one sessions and/or liked the aspect of being part of a group. I couldn’t wait to meet them!

So I did what I was “supposed” to:

  • I created an editorial schedule for my blog and newsletter that I felt was valuable content that related to the benefits of Career Camp. 

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Dec 15 2014

Where are they now?

design (8)

It’s been about a year since I’ve run the first session of Career Camp, and I just love getting reports from my campers with all the action steps they’ve taken since we’ve wrapped up.

And sure, you can peruse the testimonials, but they don’t cover all the changes that’ve been made and all the action steps have been taken. I’m such a proudcited Head Counselor!

So: where are they now?

Meeno had taken 2 career change courses before Career Camp, but since we wrapped up, she’s given notice at her job, started a consulting business in health communications and research, and has made her jewelry shop into her second full-time biz. Yes!

During her time in Camp, Cheryl realized that major social/political/economic change can only happen through the spiritual transformation of the individual. She quit her job, made a move to the mountains with her husband, and is working on a line of products that reflect her creativity and inspire others!

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Dec 01 2014

How to Discover Your Meaningful Biz (in 5 Easy Steps) – a free webinar!

How to Discover Your Meaningful Biz

Each and every day, you click around this world wide web and see the women who have discovered, created and ignited their dream careers based around their passions, skill sets, and more.

You know it’s possible to have a grown-up living doing what you love…

…but yet you don’t quite believe that you could be the happy, confident, authentic, passionate, successful female soloprenur that you see multiple times a day.

You’re doubtful of becoming an entrepreneur and terrified of all the risk and hard work that comes with it.

You’re worried about being seen as “cooky” or “silly” by your friends and family for leaving your “stable” job for something risky and creative.

You’re scared of failing and letting down those you love, and/or succeeding and living someone else’s dream.

You’re certain that you might actually be a lost cause and the exception to every rule.

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Nov 06 2014

The 21st Century Workplace


Sad that my podcast interview with Tiffany Han on Raise Your Hand. Say Yes. came to an end? Wanna hear more from me, this time around work engagement, life coaching, deliberate shifts and the new world of work?

You’re in luck!

I’m honored to be the interviewee for the first installment of the Women In The Workplace series on The 21st Century Workplace podcast, appropriately titled “Throw Out Your Career Dictionaries.”

Give a listen right here!

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Oct 29 2014

Raise Your Hand. Say Yes.


Squee! I’m the most excited that my interview with my dear friend Tiffany Han is up on her podcast, Raise Your Hand. Say Yes.

I binged listened to the first 3 episodes and took away this revelation:

Your work will never be finished, and it will never be “perfect.” Stop searching for The Answer, and keep raising your hand and saying Yes!

I hope the 50 minutes I had with Tiff will be able to give you your own a-ha moment. We talk all about letting go of your dreams, turning points, and the positive side of being a multi-passionate person.

And bonus? ‘Cause it’s Tiff’s birthday today, there’s a sale happening on her amazeballs 100 Rejection Letters program.

Click here to get all the goodness!

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Oct 22 2014

The Importance of Dreaming (free 40 minute video!)

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 9.25.45 AM

You guys! I had zero idea that this was happening, but CreativeLive is amazeballs and they recently put up an entire segment of my Create Your Dream Career class that you can access for $0.

You don’t even need to register at all!

Just click here and press Play mid-page where it says “Free Preview: The Importance of Dreaming.” Make sure you’re in a quiet, private place because – yup! – ukulele playing & a hippie-dippie visualization exercise is included!


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Oct 03 2014

If you live in/near Brooklyn & want a plan to quit your job, read me!


There’s only 7 spots left in my live Brooklyn workshop on 10/23 for An Effective Escape: Make Your Plan So You Can Ditch the Dreaded Day Job – and I realized I didn’t even tell ya about it!

I was approached by Holstee – they of the manifesto pictured above – to be part of their first round of Learning Labs (aka workshops in their space). They wanted to bring to life each line in their manifesto (eventually), and I was asked to speak on the line:

“If you don’t like your job, quit.”

Of course, I didn’t just wanna talk about what I did in the 2 years and 7 months it took for me to quit my day job as an Executive Assistant (in March 2010!) and become The When I Grow Up Coach full-time. I wanted to help the attendees figure out their effective escape, and walk out of that room with the structure for their own plan.

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Sep 23 2014

Tara Sophia Mohr – Women’s Leadership & Well-Being Expert – is live on Grown Up Gigs tomorrow!


I’m super extra thrilled to bring back Grown Up Gigs with a live interview with Tara Sophia Mohr, an expert on women’s leadership and well-being.

Tara’s about to publish Playing Big: Find Your Voice, Your Mission, Your Message next month, and the advanced copy I got the privilege of receiving scared me crapballsless in the best way possible.

I’m exited to not only talk about Tara’s background as an English lit grad (from Yale!) and an MBA grad (from Stanford!), and how she found her way to being an author and advocate – but about the work itself.

If you wanna hear more about becoming a writer and starting a movement, or if you “simply” are afraid of hiding and wanna Play Big, please join us live tomorrow (Wednesday, September 24th) from 3-4pm Eastern right here.

As always, there’ll be plenty of time for your questions.

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Sep 13 2014

LAST DAY: Create Your Dream Career’s theme is Play!

CYDC_last day

Create Your Dream Career is wrapping up today,

and our theme is on the importance of Play!

“But what will today entail?”, you say.

I declare: So much goodness is on the way!

We’ll hear from Janette Gorney of Travel Enlight,

and then come up with your Passionate Career Ideas – right!

Then we’ll talk about our multiple interests

and how wanting to do All The Things can work well in our business!

We’ll talk to Lesley DeSantis who personifies that,

As a model/artist/masseuse-to-be she wears many hats!

We’ll wrap up the day putting it all together,

I hope you can join me no matter the weather!

So, will you be there?

What do you say?

It’s still free to watch live, so seize the day!

When you discover your dream career, we’ll both shout “Hooray!”

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