September is chock full o’ deals and freebies. Save the Dates!

Save the dates for September deals & freebies!

I’m SO excited for September! Not only will I be unveiling my new site – which has been in the works for about a year now – but I have not one, not, two, but THREE free webinars on the books.

Here are the dates you need to know:

Thursday, September 4th

It’s the last day that you can snag my last 2015 one-on-one coaching spot before my prices go up.

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Content break!

design (6)

My baby’s chillin’, so why shouldn’t I? :)

Summer is here, my re-launch is in the final stretch, and I need to take a blogging break so that my head won’t explode.

But while I’m gone, you can still…

…get new episodes of my Grown-Up Gigs podcast on 8/6 and 8/20 (and catch up on my past interviews here)…

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Want a peek into my rebrand? Yeah ya do!

I’m chomping at the bit to reveal my beeeeeeeeautiful new site and my beeeeeeeeautiful new logo and my beeeeeeeeautiful new postcards and social media banners and buttons and fonts and colors…and I’ll get to do that all on September 1st! That’s when I’m hoping my Tech Titan can flip the switch and beautify your eyeballs.

But ’til then, do you want a lil’ sneak peek? Yeah ya do!

Here’s the newness to come:


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Are you ready to turn your Dream Into Action?

Are you ready to turn your Dreams Into Action?
In September of 2013, I started working with Paula Jenkins.

A Senior Project Manager for an advertising company, Paula was in her early 40s with a 3+ hour daily commute and a toddler at home.

She thought she wanted to be a full-time retreat leader, but she was fuzzy on both the details (“how do I save up? how is it not too scary? how to I just start speaking about my passion and get others to listen and get noticed?”) and the commitment.

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LAST DAY to Ditch Your Day Job – live & for free!

Ditch Your Day Job
Today on Ditch Your Day Job, we’re wrapping up by creating your personalized, deadline-and-reward-driven guide to ditching your day job (’cause I’m obvious like that)

We’ll be mashing up the Breathe Easy Number (aka your financial cushion), your Phase One (explained below!), and Plan B (what will you do if you “fail”?) into a tangible, bite-size timeline so that you know the exact month and year you can quit your job.

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TODAY! Ditch Your Day Job begins – and you can watch for $0!

Ditch Your Day Job

Holy amazeballs. Ditch Your Day Job will begin streaming live on CreativeLive at 9am Pacific today. 

The workshop runs from 9am-2:30pm Pacific today and tomorrow, and you’ll leave with your own personalized Safety Net Action Plan (or SNAP, as I like to call it) that not only shows you what you personally need to do to ditch your day job, but when you can actually give your notice!

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A class 8 years in the making

This is me at my GraduLaunch party, celebrating my life coaching graduation & the "official" launch of my biz! June 2009.

This is me at my GraduLaunch party, celebrating my life coaching graduation & the “official” launch of my biz! June 2009.

Eight years.
That’s how long I’ve been prepping for my upcoming CreativeLive class, Ditch Your Day Job.

It was August 2007 when I got hired as an Executive Assistant at a financial consultancy firm. That same month, I started my life coaching certification classes.

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Wanna be part of my small Ditch Your Day Job audience? Applications are closing!

Be part of my studio audience!
There are lots of reasons I love working with CreativeLive.

I love the quality of their cameras and the finished product.

I love how the people who work there know their shizz and are passionate about what they do.

And – I won’t lie – I love the professional hair and make-up and the delicious food I get there. A girl could get used to that.

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