Real quick: my free 3 Mindset Shifts webinar is happening tomorrow!

If you’re a creative woman doing unfulfilling work, and you’ve made lots of excuses why you can’t enjoy what you do, and you’ve convinced yourself that you won’t be able to be a grown-up AND love your job…

…then just sign up for my free webinar already. 

It’ll give you the 3 Mindset Shifts for a Successful Career Change.

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It’s my birthday! Make me an offer I can’t refuse.

It's My Birthday! Make me an offer I can't refuse.

Today is my 38th birthday.

I can hardly believe it.

On one hand, I still feel like a teenager. On the other, I feel like a woman way past my years.

But one thing has always felt true, and nothing feels truer now:

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated. Years are meant to be cherished. Time is not meant to be wasted.

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What makes up the baby steps to *your* career change?

Your dream career is closer than you realize.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could just tell you what you should be doing with your career via magic wand, or bolt of lighting, or angel’s choir?

It would be easier, sure, but here’s what I know for sure: only you hold the key to your dream career.

And what makes up your dream career? In its simplicity, it’s doing the type of work you’d enjoy doing with the people you’d be happy to do it with,

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Career Change Masterclass is open!

Career Change Masterclass is open!

{Trumpets blaring}

{Firecrackers cracking}

{Dance parties dancing}

I’m over-the-moon to announce that Career Change Masterclass is open for registration.

This program is the result of me realizing that it’s not enough to get clarity on the WHAT of your dream career – it needs to go hand in hand with your HOW.

It’s the result of me knowing that my clients get the best results when I’m able to work one-on-one with them,

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3 Mindset Shifts for a Successful Career Change is free, live and tomorrow!

Are you a creative woman who’s sick of doing unfulfilling work?

Have you already made tons of excuses as to WHY you can’t have an enjoyable career?

Or maybe you’re committed to doing work you love, but you just don’t know what it is?

I know what it’s like to be lost or stuck, not knowing what you can do or how you can make a grown-up living from it.

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Wanna Create Your Dream Career? Lemme help you for free tomorrow!

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 10.57.15 AM

I love working with CreativeLive because of their free-when-it-(re)airs biz model, and Create Your Dream Career will be rebroadcast for free tomorrow!

This was essentially a course six years in the making, consisting of all the tangible and emotional exercises I’ve taken my clients through to help them discover their grown-up, passion-based career.

We cover dreams.

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3 Mindset Shifts for A Successful Career Change (or, How My Clients Gain Trust, Acceptance and Confidence)

When I decided I wanted to offer a free webinar to celebrate the re-launch of my site (and my purdy new branding!), I tortured myself.

Should I do something on finding your uniquity? On your career compass? Ooh, maybe my peeps need something to help them get back in the driver’s seat of their career. Or my biggest Creative Business Success tips!

I had almost 100 people fill out a survey that had one clear-cut “winner”

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3 Pillars to Help You Find – and Follow – Your Dream Career

3 Pillars to Help You Find - and Follow - Your Dream Career

Ohmygoodness, I’ve been published on Elephant Journal!

(They’re the best over there. Don’t be shy about submitting something! I’ve been intimidated by it all year, but it was a really easy, fun and kind process.)

If you wanna hear how I found and followed my dream career – twice! – and the three truths/pillars/takeaways that helped most, click on over!

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September is chock full o’ deals and freebies. Save the Dates!

Save the dates for September deals & freebies!

I’m SO excited for September! Not only will I be unveiling my new site – which has been in the works for about a year now – but I have not one, not, two, but THREE free webinars on the books.

Here are the dates you need to know:

Thursday, September 4th

It’s the last day that you can snag my last 2015 one-on-one coaching spot before my prices go up.

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