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Sep 13 2014

LAST DAY: Create Your Dream Career’s theme is Play!

CYDC_last day

Create Your Dream Career is wrapping up today,

and our theme is on the importance of Play!

“But what will today entail?”, you say.

I declare: So much goodness is on the way!

We’ll hear from Janette Gorney of Travel Enlight,

and then come up with your Passionate Career Ideas – right!

Then we’ll talk about our multiple interests

and how wanting to do All The Things can work well in our business!

We’ll talk to Lesley DeSantis who personifies that,

As a model/artist/masseuse-to-be she wears many hats!

We’ll wrap up the day putting it all together,

I hope you can join me no matter the weather!

So, will you be there?

What do you say?

It’s still free to watch live, so seize the day!

When you discover your dream career, we’ll both shout “Hooray!”

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Sep 12 2014

TODAY: Feel the Career Fear – and Do It Anyways

CYDC_day 2

Today on Create Your Dream Career, we’re ripping off the band-aid by feeling the career fear – and doing it anyways. 

These are the things that keep us so scared that we don’t allow ourselves to clarify and take action on what makes us happy.

If you hear yourself saying things like, “But I’m a lost cause!” or “I never follow through!” or “I’m a Jane of All Trades & a master of none!”, then you’ll wanna tune in bright and early today (9am Pacific!) to (a) get some reassurance that you’re not alone and (b) learn how to combat these fears and create your dream career!

Our theme today is EXPLORE, and the rest of the day’ll cover:

  • an interview with Project Manager, Retreat Leader, and future life coach Paula Jenkins
  • what you wanna do to pay the bills (as opposed to what you can do but wouldn’t choose to do – or what you have to do!)
  • determining your personality type and how it relates to a career you’d thrive in
  • discovering your truth, and how it can naturally lead to an authentic career
  • an interview with the Online Dating Cheerleader, Molly Quigley

If you wanna know what you mighta missed yesterday – or want a sneak peak at tomorrow’s session, click here and scroll on down!

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Sep 11 2014

TODAY! Create Your Dream Career begins – and you can watch for $0!

creative_live_STARTS TODAY


Yes, I must write in bold and all caps and extra large type to convey my excitement for this day.

Create Your Dream Career will begin streaming live on CreativeLive at 9am Pacific, and I wanted to make sure you knew that if you take 10 seconds to RSVP, you can watch and get my illustrated, rhyming (!) career change workbook for free!

The workshop runs from 9am-4pm Pacific today, tomorrow and Saturday – and by the time we’ve wrapped, you’ll be able to pinpoint your grown-up, fulfilling career based on a foundation of dreaming, play and exploration.

Our theme today is DREAMing, and we’ll be diving in to:

  • true stories of grown-up career changers
  • an interview with author, columnist, and communications expert Alexandra Franzen
  • the importance of dreaming as it relates to your career
  • external clues to your dream career
  • an interview with the founder and face of Style Girlfriend, Megan Collins
  • what pride has to do with finding a window into fulfilling work

If you want a sneak peak as to what days 2 and 3 will cover, click here and scroll on down!

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Aug 27 2014

Choose Your Own (Career) Adventure!


Playroom Sign by Signs of Vintage

Didn’t you loooooove those Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid?

I realized that I’ve been so all over the Interwebs lately that you can Choose Your Own (Career) Adventure as to what you wanna read, watch or do.

You’ve been sobbing in your company bathroom, again. Do you want:
* a checklist to change your career
* a list of 10 other things to do instead 
* some tough love

You’re in the exploratory stages of discovering and/or creating your passionate, grown up career. Do you want to:
* hear about why Play and And are such important concepts 
* get a career change workbook that’s beautifully illustrated, rhymes (!), and is totally $0
join me live in the small studio audience for Create Your Dream Career

The choice is yours, traveler!

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Jul 16 2014

How to Make Your Dreams Come True (or, How I Became a Mom)

It’s with over-the-moon happiness, joy, pride, excitement, love and All The Emotions that Luke & I get to announce that we’re the parents of this 9 wk old, 11+ pound bundle of deliciousness.

We’ve been parenting her since 6/16, & while the adoption won’t be finalized ’til the end of the year-ish, we’re now secure in the fact that this is our daughter – and we’re so beyond-beyond we have to shout it from the rooftops.


This is our first official family-of-3 photo, taken Saturday morning. She even gave us The Ward Eyebrow to show how much she belongs.

Luke & I decided we wanted to adopt in Dec ’12, and it took 9 months to pick an agency, get the paperwork done, etc. We’ve been “on the books” since September (when our profile started to be shown to birth Moms), but only had 4 days notice last month when we were told that we were “chosen”.

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Jul 10 2014

Wanna be part of the small studio audience for Create Your Dream Career?


Need help creating your dream career?

Want some hands-on help from yours truly for 3 whole days?

Not shy to be on-camera in front of the Interwebs?

Live near San Francisco or wanna travel there*?

Then click here to apply to be part of my studio audience for my CreativeLive course from Sept 11-13th.

I’ll be calling a lot on my studio audience to walk through the exercises I’ll be showing, and they’ll be the ones to have my ear in class first and foremost. There’ll even be time for some coaching!

There’s a small number of spots available (under 10, I think!), and while the submission deadline isn’t ’til September, it can’t hurt being an early bird.

I really hope to meet/see/hug/help you there!

* Considering my only coaching package costs $3397, a round-trip ticket to San Francisco and a hotel room for 3 or 4 nights could save you a pretty penny.

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May 21 2014

Multi-Passionate Must-Haves (30 products worth $2046+ for just $97!) ends tomorrow!


mpmhDon’t say I didn’t warn ya!

The Multi-Passionate Must-Haves sale (that I’ve co-organized and contributed to)  is ending tomorrow at 11:59pm PST.

If you’re someone with a lot of different interests, passions, and projects on your plate, then you need to check this out. All of the products were hand-picked to address the specific challenges of being a multi-passionate, namely: career, fear, and productivity.

30 courses, audios and ebooks – worth $2046.95 ! – that help you to integrate your many passions into your life are yours for just $97 until midnight tomorrow. That includes my workbook, An Effective Escape, along with:

  • 365 Writing and Blogging Prompts by April Bowles-Olin ($47 value)
  • Bewitch: Cast your Spell to Get the Customers You Crave by Kris Oster ($99 value)
  • Board of Your Life by Tanya Geisler ($150 value)
  • Brilliant Boundaries by Kylie Bellard ($27 value)
  • Business By Design by Megan Auman ($99 value)
  • The Digital Launch Playbook by Joel Zaslofsky ($67 value)
  • Easier Email by Cairene MacDonald  ($67 value)
  • Energy Management 101 for Introverts by Tanja Gardner ($47 value)
  • Facebook for Artists by Cory Huff ($25 value)
  • The Fierce Love Course by Molly Mahar ($97 value)
  • Find your very own GPS readings by Sas Petherick ($142 value)
  • The Good to Know Project, Zines 1-5 by Amy Ng ($10 value)
  • How to Build a Blog You Truly Love by Liv Lane ($49 value)
  • How to Say No by Tiffany Han ($25 value)
  • Journal Yo Feelings Out by Jenipher Lyn ($15 value)
  • Journaling Your Awesome Future by Deb Cooperman ($15 value)
  • Launch Your First Profitable E-Course by Halley Gray ($97 value)
  • Life is Messy Planners by Mayi Carles ($40 value)
  • Marketing for Creatives by April Bowles Olin ($27 value)
  • Playshop in a Box by Melissa Dinwiddle ($37 value)
  • Playtime with your Inner Muse by Jennifer Lee ($27 value)
  • Power Play by Amanda Genther ($97 value)
  • The Purpose Paradigm by Laura Simms ($18 value)
  • Sex, Love, Liberation by Ev’Yan Whitney ($27 value)
  • The Soul Fire Code by Satya Colombo ($75 value)
  • Supporting Multipotentialite Kids by Emilie Wapnick ($27 value)
  • The Ultimate Virtual Retreat by Jen Louden ($198 value)
  • World-Changing Writers Workshop by Pace Smith ($297 value)
  • You Again Yoga by Caren Baginski ($89 value)


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May 20 2014

The 8 Secrets that Proud Renaissance Souls Know (and grab 30 muti-passionate-friendly products for $97 today!)

MPMH collage.jpg

Lookit! It’s all the amazeballs contributors to the 2014 Multi-Passionate Must-Haves sale!

Today’s the day! Multi-Passionate Must-Haves is out and I’m over-the-moon to let you know about how you can help your multi-passionate self, give back to others (by supporting my Avon Walk for Breast Cancer team!), & get 95% off some of the best products created by and for multi-passionates (including moi!).

But first? I have to let you know the 8 secrets that proud Renaissance Souls / scanners / multi-potentialites know, in no particular order:

  1. Having multiple passions is a blessing, not a curse. It means that we’re quick and eager to learn, that we’re enthusiastic to jump into something new that we’re fascinated by, that we have a shorter learning curve than the average person, and are quick to move on (and learn from!) “failure.” We’re natural creatives, entrepreneurs and researchers.

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Apr 02 2014

Off on a Craftcation (& an aw-inducing photo)!

Not to rub it in, but I’m heading to the beautiful beachy town of Ventura, California to get my craft on at Craftcation!

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 5.37.31 PM

I’ll be both working and playing there this Thursday and Friday, giving a talk on An Effective Escape: Building Your Biz So You Can Quit the Dreaded Day Job & being a panelist two times over!

Then I’m heading back to LAX so I can rent a car and hightail it to spend a few days with this face – my 15 month old nephew, Kash – and his parents, my sis- and bro-in-law!


Don’t you want him to deliver little newspapers to your house?

If you’re gonna be at Craftcation (it’s sold out!), make sure ya come to my office hours/book signing/panels/talk and/or tweet me over at @WhenIGroUpCoach. I’ll also be taking plenty of Instagram shots of both the conference & my nephew, I’m sure!

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Mar 21 2014

On the last week of Grown Up Gigs…


Next week is the last week of Grown Up Gigs: An Inside Look at Dream Jobs Held By Real People – but no tears!

There’s still tons of inspiration, wisdom, a-ha moments, and celebrations between now and then.

Here’s all the goodness that’s still waiting for ya:

  • Jessika Hepburn describes her journey from Prime Minister wannabe to Creative Leader & Community Matchmaker of Oh My! Handmade.
  • my private interview for Sokanu’s Finding Your Life’s Calling event, which ties oh-so-well into my own Grown Up Gigs story
  • I reach back into the archives to spotlight one of my very first Grown-Up Gig interviewees (it’s a surprise!)
  • a live interview with marketing strategist Halley Gray of Evolve & Succeed
  • another live interview with artist & author & possibilitarian – and one of my personal heroes – Kelly Rae Roberts

Get on the list for your own clarity and motivation behind your grown-up, passionate career!

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