Don’t I know it – you’re in pain,
The job you’re in is driving you insane.
Your boss is a jerk and you feel like a fraud,
You’re about to run away and find a home abroad!

You might feel like you’ve wasted precious money and time
on schooling that didn’t matter and corporate ladders you didn’t wanna climb.
I know that feeling of, “What the heck do I do?
I’m a grown-up and can’t start anew!
But I’m so unhappy I might start climbing the walls,
I’m already used to a daily cry in the bathroom stalls!

Nope, I’m not a mind-reader – I’ve just been there, too,
In an unpassionate career I had no interest to pursue.
And if you’re anything now like I was then,
It was unacceptable to equate my lifelong career to being locked-up in a pen.

You want to find something that makes you sing!
You want your career to give you that zing!
You want, too, to be able to pay for the roof over your head,
But not from blood, sweat, tears, ulcers and/or dread.

Enter Operation: Creative Career Cheer!

The career change workbook I wrote to help you get clear
on what it is that career can be – Oh, how I wish in 2007 it was available to me!
It includes each exercise I take my career change clients through,
And since I know we’re all creative types I rewrote it anew!
You guessed it – each and every exercise now completely rhymes,
Each and every word – always, not sometimes!

But obviously there’s so much more,
Here are all the exercises the workbook has in store:

Diligent, Detailed Daydreams gives light to the careers you’ve been thinkin’ about,
but won’t allow ‘em to come to the surface – there’s way too much doubt

Friends and Family Findings has your peeps define your amazeballsness,
which’ll give ya some perspective as to what you do the best!

Super Skills (that give ya thrills/pay the bills/don’t make ya ills) finds which of your transferable skills you actually like to dobecause if ya don’t like doing it, then we’ll take it out of the queue!

Intriguing Interests shines a light on the stuff you find awesome,
which’ll help ya work in a field where you can really blossom.

Vital Values explores the best working environment for you,
all so you can feel you’re not always blue!

Personality Pie determines your personality type
and how it’ll equate to a career in which you’ll have little to gripe!

Peanut Butter Jelly Time has ya mash together your Interests and your Skills
so we can come up with a ton of viable career options that’ll possibly give ya thrills!

For Your Consideration is where we narrow things down –
that way you’ll know which are the top career contenders that you might wanna crown!

Mission: Magnificent Manifesto! will lead ya to your personal mission statement.
That way, you can ensure that you won’t wanna give your chosen career an abatement.

Chief Career Contemplation will help ya if things are still fuzzy. If I do say so myself, the questions there are anything but crummy!

I also included an exercise called An Effective Escape,
so if you need to get out of your current job you won’t have to wait!

All in 53 downloadable pages with kick-ass Jess Swift illustrations,
Operation: Creative Career Cheer! is the perfect foundation to give up your job frustrations
and trade ’em in for a standing ovation!

You can download a preview, and I wanna make you aware
That a whole entire exercise is included right then and there!
And/or you can watch the video below -
I made it to tell ya why I needed to create this fo’ sho’:

I’ve really gotten some kudos supreme,
Read ‘em below to see what I mean!
Just a quick warning that they won’t rhyme,
They’re from peeps that are finding their dream – who has the time?

Kat McNally
Kat McNally

I purchased Operation: Creative Career Cheer! at a time when I was unsure whether the contract of my part time “day job” would be renewed. It was also a time when I was wondering about my creative life (my life outside my “day job”) and whether/how I could integrate the things I loved doing with the things I do to generate an income.From the very first page, I loved the cheery tone, cheeky rhymes, stylish graphics. But I also loved how the playfulness did not detract from a very constructive and illuminating journey. I was especially blown away by the exercise that coaxed me into considering the things that I enjoy doing versus the things I’m good at: that really forced me to look critically at the ways I’d been limiting my career aspirations.I ended up staying in my “day job”, as I was offered an ongoing contract. But I now have a clearer sense of purpose in developing my creative life and greater sense of freedom and possibility in exploring how I could do what I truly love while generating an income.

Tyffanie A.

I am at a point in my life where I know my current job isn’t what I want to be doing forever, but I am having a heck-of-a-hard-time figuring out which of my passions to pursue and getting over my fears that I am not good enough & will fall on my face. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while and when I saw it from Michelle, I knew it was just what I needed. I think the workbook had a ton of great exercises, ones that I was definitely not expecting and hadn’t previously seen. It definitely surpassed my expectations because it covered all the bases-interests, priorities, personality, skills, back-up plans, new perspectives of approaching things. From Operation: Creative Career Cheer!, I gained insight into the fact that I am not crazy for feeling like I am being pulled in a million different directions and a glimmer of hope that I can actually make some of these careers work, perhaps even a few at a time. I gained perspective on my skills and interests, and what I should be thinking about when I do decide to take the jump and start working in my meaningful career. I also gained confidence and more self-knowledge. And the rhyming is INCREDIBLE!”

Shana M.

Being laid off, I went through the Internet–yes, the entire Internet–hoping to find an answer to the question, What’s next? Becoming an entrepreneur appealed to me more and more as I read about others who had followed this path–but what kind of business should I start? How could I even start thinking about such a big life change? I bought Operation: Creative Career Cheer! hoping it could help me answer these questions. I am also a sucker for pretty colors and nice layout! The workbook was shockingly awesome, and the part where I got to mix and match skills and interests and make up new-fangled careers was SO FUN and SO HELPFUL. I gained a better idea of my life and career values, which is, well, invaluable!”

Sara Blackthorne interviewed me for her blog, and within our conversation she mentioned what came out of the Operation: Creative Career Cheer! exercises for her. Click Play below to hear how her childhood dreams are evolving into her grown-up ones!

Rhiannon Wilmott

I needed to figure out my work situation and have no more false starts of things that I’m very good at but not into. I also felt that I was missing something, and I felt that Operation: Creative Career Cheer! would ask me the right questions for me to join my own dots. Well, it EXCEEDED that! Hahaha! Doing Operation: Creative Career Cheer! made me realise I don’t want to go and get my Masters, which was staring me in the face for a while. Not only that, but there’s nothing wrong with this or with secretly wanting to go to beauty school AND I want to do copywriting… Suddenly I realise these can both happen! And the rhymes? Better than a Blondie rap!”

Monica McCarthy

I bought Operation: Creative Career Cheer! because (a) I wanted help trying to narrow down the jumbled thoughts in my head regarding legacy/career and (b)Michelle is super duper awesome. It surpassed my expectations by being well thought-out, organized, beautiful, fun and it rhymes – incredible! I’ll absolutely use it as a foundation to go back to when I’m feeling unsure of which direction to head. Operation: Creative Career Cheer! is the bomb-diggity!”

Are you in it to win it? Are you gettin’ super psyched?
Can you picture yourself in a career that you don’t intensely dislike?
I promise that Operation: Creative Career Cheer! is the bestest place to start
if you wanna align your grown-up career with what’s true in your heart.

I’ve personally helped over 200 creative types work towards their dream career,
And I promise I can help you too, my dear!

Erin Robinson
Erin Robinson

I picked up Operation: Creative Career Cheer! because I was trying to figure out what I was good at and what I could potentially transform into a small, side business. I honestly wasn’t sure anything could help me figure out my strengths/weaknesses and highlight the areas I’m interested in making a career out of. I didn’t trust myself that I had the answers to my questions, but the sequence of the book progressed in a great way, no one activity was too scary to do and Michelle made sure they all fit together at the end. It sounds silly, but I also think the rhyming allowed me to loosen up and play and that was what I needed to think beyond what I’d already thought of. Something at the beginning of Operation: Creative Career Cheer! hooked me in and I was on a mission to work through the book – I wish I could convey how much of a page turner it really was, as I couldn’t put it down! I think the combination of a great product and my decision to put in the effort made it a very successful use of time and money. I know that the career I came up with will play on my strengths and minimize my weaknesses and it fits my personality and values to a T!
Tara Joyce
Tara Joyce

I loved Operation: Creative Career Cheer!. The experience of reading and working through your book was fun and inspiring. It was like “What colour is my parachute?” mashed up with Shel Silverstein mashed up with Myers and Briggs mashed up with Pucci. I could have really used your workbook in high school… and university… and my mid-twenties… You’re mind is so awesome and the book is great and helpful.
Susan Wojtkowski

From Operation: Creative Career Cheer, I gained insight into my personality and what makes me smile. I’ve also learned (or confirmed) what is it that gives me the willies and makes me want to hide. Using these exercises, I am uncovering the true me and what career will make me want to jump out of bed in the morning( (for more reasons than having to pee).”


I know you have questions and I’m here to assist,
Read some answers below before you get pissed!

Are you constantly wondering what you wanna do when you grow up?
Are you trying to choose between making ice cream or training pups?
Do you classify yourself as A Renaissance Soul,
where picking Just One Thing will leave you cold?

Do you have lots of ideas rattling around in your head?
Are you trying to sort through them, but you’re filled with dread?
Do you feel that nobody “gets” your creative streak,
That you wanna love what you do, and that doesn’t make you a freak?

Do you think taking a personality test or three is a big bore,
And won’t really tell you the opportunities you could have in store?
Are you un-annoyed by “grown-up” books that rhyme,
Would you want Dr Seuss to help you change your career, if he had the time?

Then Operation: Creative Career Cheer! is for you indeed!
I’m here to help you find what you need!
These exercises have been worked through by 100+ creative types,
They’re proven to give you your career stars and stripes!

Oh how silly – but what fun!
Deers are the cutest – I love how they run!
But we’re getting off-topic now y’see,
This about how you’ll get the workbook from me.

When you click Buy Now you’ll get a PDF download,
You can send it right to your Kindle, Nook or iPad if you wanna be so bold.
You can also read it on your computer or print it all out,
It’s up to you how you want to take the workbook about.

I don’t offer any returns or refunds on a digital product like this,
But I offer a free downloadable chapter to make sure you’ll be in bliss!

Me too – I’ve gone through this before!
I started as a performer, and for 20 years I didn’t want more.
But after getting my BFA at NYU and auditioning for years,
I realized that the adult me wanted to switch gears.

I wouldn’t accept a new career I didn’t love!
I was waiting for The Answer to come from above!
But it didn’t – I had to find it myself.
And that’s when I discovered life coaching, and didn’t want to keep it on the shelf.

I knew I had to help creative types through their career transitions,
So I went to the International Coach Academy and went through admissions.
I enrolled in June ‘07 and graduated in May ‘09,
So I’ve been coaching for 5+ years, with 2+ of ‘em full-time!

I’ve since personally worked with over 200 peeps,
That’s about 800 hours of coaching – it’s heaps and heaps!
Not only, then, have these exercises been proven to help you come up with answers anew,
I know of whence I speak – I’m a creative, too!

And just in case you couldn’t see, I’m all about making this fun,
The rhymes and illustrations make this one-of-a-kind and second-to-none!

Oh yes of course – I live for that, y’see.
Make sure you order a Blue Moon just for me!

Join me in the ballyhoo,
and grab a hold of this rhyming, illustrated, downloadable workbook for – who else? – you!

If you’re ready to give this a go,
Then click the button to make your investment(s) below!