As The When I Grow Up Coach, I’m all about helping creative women discover – and achieve! – their passionate, lucrative careers.

While books, exercises and coaching sessions are all helpful in getting there, I think there’s such power in stories.

I so want to bring to the forefront the people who are working in creative professions…following their dreams and making it happen in their passionate career, but as grown-ups, yaknowwhatImean?

No trust funds. No rich spouses. No silver spoons.

Just hard-working, driven, inspiring, creative people who fought hard to do what they love and are making it work.

Click the links below to hear about the career you might wanna give a go, or scroll on down to see who’s comin’ up live in GrownUpGigsTown!

Everything’s listed alphabetically by title, but take note on all The “And” Careers, as I like to call ‘em. You might find one person in 2 or 3 places because they don’t have just one title or career! My favorite.


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