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Use the futuristic form below to email me in a flash! Ask your questions, send me your feedback, tell me a joke or let me know what you wanted to be when you grew up.

But wait! Before you take the time to ask me that question, see if it’s been answered below. I’m currently drowning in email and it will take me 4ish weeks to respond to non-urgent emails…

…so here are the FAQs I get contacted about. Hopefully having ’em here will save ya some time:

  1. You were recommended to me by an amazeballs person in my life. What are the options for us to work together, and how much would it cost? Aw, thank that amazeballs person from me! Then head to my Work With Me page and check out my Growin’ Up Goods package. Easy breezy!
  2. I really wanna work with you but can’t afford the private coaching price and/or wanna start working with you NOW. Is there another way for me to get the When I Grow Up goodness? You’re gonna wanna click here to get your hands on my 3 day CreativeLive course, Create Your Dream Career. For just $99, you’ll get 18 hours of content AND a 120+ page workbook on demand, to work at on your time frame.
  3. Do you work with men at all? As of October 2013, I’ve coached something like 230 women and 14 men. For whatever reason, I find that my communication skills and career beliefs give women the best results, so I’ve decided to call out that I specifically work with women on my website and in my copy. That said, there are exceptions to every rule…and this one would be that the man (a) associates himself with being called “creative” (b) isn’t afraid of my holistic/hippy-dippy approach (c) isn’t looking to me for the answers (d) is in tune with his feelings and believes that what he dreams of is connected to what he wants to do when he grows up.
  4. Can you tell me about how you became a coach? I started my training in August of 2007 at The International Coach Academy, which fit the bill in terms of price, flexibility & timing. I could finish the program in 6 months or two years, classes were available 7 days a week & you can take them in whatever order you prefer, the monthly payment plan was reasonable…it all added up for me. I knew I’d be working a full-time job while being enrolled, so that flexibility was huge for me. I was wary at first of having every call over the phone, but it was actually great. I got to connect with people all over the world, & as 95% of all of my coaching sessions have been done via phone or Skype thus far, it’s been a great advantage. Keep in mind, though, that I graduated in June 2009, & there have been changes since then. I definitely recommend attending an info call to see what the new policies are, & whether they work for you. I also love/suggest The Coaching Blueprint (yes, I’m in it, but I’d love it regardless!) as well as The Business and Practice of Coaching (especially since I’ve yet to hear of any coaching school that handles the business building stuff well).
  5. I noticed you use AWeber/PayPal/ejunkie/TimeTrade/etc. Can you help me set up my newsletter/figure out payment plans/sync my calendars/etc? Ohmygosh are you in the wrong place. Even though I use a lot of different systems, I wouldn’t consider myself a techie person in any way, and honestly, my Virtual Wizard takes care of a lot of this. I’d suggest that you reach out to the support team in whatever platform you’re having trouble with and get that information from the source. And if you’re wondering which platforms I use/recommend and why, head right here.
  6. Can I contribute a guest post to your blog? Right now I’m only accepting guest posts for my Recession is Bullhonkey series. If you have a story to share that touches on quitting your job/starting your business/finding a new job since ’08, send it over along with your pic + bio & I’ll let ya know if it’s a good fit.
  7. Can I hire you to speak at my event/retreat/conference/hoedown? Absolutely! You can use the form below to Contact me and/or see why I’m qualified & what the heck I’d talk about by clicking here.
  8. Can I just send ya a note to introduce myself/my company and/or say nice things about something I saw ya do somewhere? Of course – I live for that stuff and would be thrilled to be connected. However, please please please know that while I’ll put your kind words into my Good Things folder (they mean so very much to me) and I’ll check out your site and will add ya on the Interwebs if I think we jive, the laws of time just don’t allow me to personally respond to each of those “hellos”. Please don’t take it personally or it’ll make me the saddest.
  9. Can I ask to interview you for my blog/ podcast/ article/ show/ telesummit/ webinar/cool thing? Absolutely! Send over the details so I can discern if it’d (a) be a good fit and (b) that it jives with my schedule. Just a heads-up that I usually do not agree to anything that involves (a) disclosing my list numbers (b) sending one or more solo emails.
  10. Where should I mail you a warm fuzzy letter or some goodies? Aw – you’re the sweetest! Drop it to me at c/o Sandbox, 417 Myrtle Ave #38, Brooklyn NY 11205.
  11. Can I be all old timey and use that telephone contraption? Um, no. I used to put my phone number here, but honestly, I’m the super worst at returning calls. I barely even listen to voicemails. So if your email is urgent (aka a media request or something with a tight deadline or you’re Oprah herself) then I’ll be able to see that and will get back to ya ASAP.
  12. Who do you recommend for graphic design, web development, assistant work, resume design, etc? I’ve put all my favorite people on this Pinterest board. Go take a look and find someone amazeballs for whatever you need!
  13. What’s your favorite thing on the Interwebs right now? Easy. It’s Arrows and Things by my friend Rachel Rosenthal. In fact, you can probably find my husband Luke and I singing “Indians used to shoot ’em! Indians still do! (they’re not alive)” to each other right now.

You’re the bees knees.

Psst! Before you fill out this form PLEASE (with a cherry on top!) take the time to see if your question is answered above. Currently it’ll take me about 4ish weeks to respond to non-urgent emails, so checking out the FAQ above can save time all around.


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