How I’m a Renaissance Soul In Disguise


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If you’ve been around these parts for more than, oh, a minute or two and/or have met me in person and spoke to me for more than, oh, a minute or two, then you know I’m a huge advocate for us Renaissance Souls.

Renaissance Souls are people who have lots of different interests (or passions!) and are usually seen as flaky or ADD or unfocused. But we’re not! We’re creative, talented, and smart – it’s just that society hasn’t embraced us since the, um, Renaissance…so we always think there’s something wrong with us.

If this sounds like you but you don’t yet believe my pro-Renaissance Soul perspective, read this book and then get back to me. I don’t mean to oversell it, but it’s pretty life changing if this is a new concept for you and it resonates with how you tick.

Finding Renaissance Souls is easier than you’d think. I listed 43 modern day ones here, and it took me no time at all.

And while I’m listed at the end of that post, I realized I’m a Renaissance Soul in disguise. Y’see, my title as a “creative career coach” is the neat lil’ package I can put myself in – the “umbrella” of all I do – but I wanted to break down what the means (and what I do!) behind-the-scenes.

As The When I Grow Up Coach/a Creative Career Coach, I’m a…



…teacher (through webinars, worksheets, and online programs like this. Can you help me decide when I should next open up Career Camp with this 1 question survey? And then, Save The Date for a 3 day workshop with creativeLIVE Sept 11th-13th!).

…writer (of blog posts, articles, and books – both self-published and traditionally published).

community leader.




video maker and editor.

…project manager.

…content creator.



…business consultant.

And the best part? I can decide tomorrow to be a podcaster, or to stop my interview series, or to delegate my project management responsibilities.

So although you can tie up my career in a neat little bow, I’m able to be a thriving Renaissance Soul through and through! (And you can, too – I promise you! It’s absolutely what you can do!)

On May 20th-22nd, Emilie Wapnick and I’ll be running the 2nd Multi-Potentialite Must-Haves bundle sale. There’ll be 20+ digital products tailored towards Renaissance Souls (like us!) that’ll be available for just $97 – a savings of over $1K than if you buy them all separately.  If you’re interested in this, sign up here and make sure ya open up my emails on May 20th-22nd!



  1. says

    I’ve synced with you again and published a post about this topic on my blog less than a week ago. I love being a Renaissance Soul, but it’s so hard to explain what you do to people!

    Even if you boiled down just to a couple things (skipping bookkeeping, copywriting, project management and other things that sort of go without saying when you’re a soloprenour) it’s still a mouthful.

    I love that you galz are speaking out about the benefits of being multi-passionate, perhaps the next generation will be more embraced than we were.

    • michelle says

      I so hear you, Nela…I think the key to talking about it is to find “the umbrella” that they can all go under. For me, it’s being a Creative Career Coach. For someone else, it might be being a Graphic Designer or Crafter. What you do to make that happen and all the ways you make your money fall under that “umbrella” – and can be explained when asked. I know it’s easier said than done, though!

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