Grown Up Gigs: Danielle Maveal, GM of Social Good for Barkbox!

This is the recording that was initially shared with my Grown Up Gigs list in my 3 week long, mega-amazeballs event in March. I’ll be posting one weekly ’til I get all 10 of ’em up. Such goodness here!

I just love me some Danielle Maveal.

I got introduced to her way back when as the Etsy Seller Education Lead, where her passion to empower Etsy shop owners to become successful business owners was palpable.

Deciding to leave, I knew that she was scared but also excited as to the unknown opportunities that lied ahead. (And those who’ve been around these parts for a while know that the scary/exciting feeling is the one I’m always chasing!)

She knew that she could still do good as a consultant, speaker and teacher, and she thought that’s what she wanted to do full-time…until she got mega-courted by BarkBox. She’s the most passionate dog person I know, and having that passion plus her experience translate into become their GM of Social Good made the most sense ever.

We spent an hour talking about these twists, turns, leaps, and pivots she’s had in her career, including:

▪ how she found a way to merge Making Things and Having an Income

▪ making her first sale on Etsy 20 minutes after she opened her shop, and raking up 1,000 sales (and being in 30 galleries!) in 6-9 months time

▪ why she became interested in the marketing and social media strategy of selling her jewelry , and how she turned that into her job at Etsy (even though she was hired to design events!)

▪ how she bucked the hipster trend and “won” with “happiness and kindness and bunnies kissing”

▪ why she knew it was time to leave her job at Etsy (after 5 years),  how she pulled the trigger (with nothing else lined up!) and the 3 months it took for her to figure out what was next

▪ how she got connected to BarkBox and what led them woo her and have her choose her own title and job responsibilities

▪ being an entrepreneur in your job – including switching departments, creating your own title, and/or being given the responsibilities that are in alignment with your talents/skills/passions

Dream careers don’t have to be purely entrepreneurial, and Danielle proves that. Click Play below to watch/listen to it all!:

Can’t access the video? Watch it here. Prefer to listen? Get the MP3 here.

The stuff we mentioned:

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ClickToTweetA dream career don’t have to be purely entrepreneurial, and @daniellexo proves that on #gugigs w/@WhenIGroUpCoach:

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  1. says

    Thank you so much for this very informative interview. I had my pen & paper out while I watched and found it really helpful, I even wrote down ideas that popped in to my mind as you were speaking and this has given me a lot more clarity. Thanks again, I am now going to watch the rest of these interviews.

    • michelle says

      Ooh, so glad to hear it, Jenny. Keep us posted as to what’s come out of these conversations for you, & what you take action on. I’d love to hear it!

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