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This is the recording that was initially shared with my Grown Up Gigs list in my 3 week long, mega-amazeballs event in March. I’ll be posting one weekly ’til I get all 10 of ’em up. Such goodness here!

Leah Kalamakis is the personification of how to make the new world of work work for your passions, skills, and values in the 21st Century.

Identifying as both a right and left brainer, she attended FIT to be surrounded by fashion but went the business route.

When she graduated, she gravitated to a corporate job (like so many of us do!) in France (unlike so many of us!).

Someone asked her to look at her boss and ask herself if she wanted that job. When she realized that she didn’t, she knew she had to find something new.

In just 30 minutes, we cover:

▪ the two year process to help her discover her next steps

▪ where she found the confidence to actively say that she wanted to pursue web design and development

▪ her effective escape from her corporate job to successful business owner (just 7 months ago!)

▪ the mindset shift that helped her get ready to jump

▪ what her side hustle looked like, and how she found the energy to work on her business after spending a day in the office

▪ making the most of just working with one client at a time

▪ why she started The Freelance to Freedom Project (just 6 months ago!)

▪ starting from a place of wanting to help and having the side effect be a fantastic income stream and marketing tool

▪ how she juggles all of her responsibilities as a designer, developer, entrepreneur, community leader, etc.

▪ a peek into her financials (spoiler alert: she’s doubled her salary from her corporate job!)

Click Play below to watch this fully transparent, honest interview:

Can’t access the video? Watch it here. Prefer to listen? Get the MP3 here.

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ClickToTweet“What am I working towards if I don’t wanna be my boss?” – @leahkalamakis on what made her leave her job on #gugigs

ClickToTweetIf you think of your (career change) as an experiment, it allows you to be OK if it doesn’t work out” -@leahkalamakis

ClickToTweet“Setting a date in your head & working to get to that date” is how @leahkalamakis quit her job. Hear more on #gugigs:

ClickToTweet“Find your want & the hustle will come” -@leahkalamakis on #gugigs with @WhenIGroUpCoach

ClickToTweet“Do what you can with what you have” -@leahkalamakis on #gugigs with @WhenIGroUpCoach

ClickToTweetLoved how @leahkalamakis quit her job & became an authentic entrepreneur. She tells it all on #gugigs:

Whoo-wee! I swear, having these conversations makes me the happiest.

Have any more questions for Leah? What was your biggest takeaway? Share ’em in the comments!

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  1. says

    Thank you so much for having me Michelle!

    It was so much fun and honestly I learned some things from myself, haha. That may sound weird, but we often forget different stages of our lives and the lessons learned and it’s good to remember. I learned and grew a lot during my “escape year” but it’s stuff I need to remember to apply in different ways, always.

    • michelle says

      Leah, the pleasure was absolutely all mine. And that’s not weird at all! I know how much power there is in hearing ourselves speak, so that doesn’t surprise me at all. And for what it’s worth, I’d love to see a round-up of all your Lessons! :)

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