A cheat sheet to my Entrepreneuriversary party! Get what ya need to know about quitting your job and living your passionate career. ​

March 19th was my 4th Entrepreneuriversary, and I got to party it up with some great peeps on Spreecast!

They asked some super amazeballs questions about my Effective Escape (aka what I did to be comfortable & confident leaving my job and becoming The When I Grow Up Coach full-time), and I wanted to share it with you.

No need to have to watch the whole hour-long party, though! Here’s a cheat sheet to get ya right where ya need to go:

  • 00:00-04:30: welcome & my entrepreneuriversary song
  • 04:30-20:10: my backstory
  • 21:51-24:33: biggest takeaway from my former client Jacqueline on doing what she loves
  • 24:33-29:11: “So your husband was supportive of you making the transition?”
  • 29:22-33:05: “I love your website. Did you find investing in it worthwhile?”
  • 33:05-38:56: “What were some of the things you did early on that made the biggest impact in building your business?”
  • 38:56-42:12: “Where do you go for support on things like financial management and accounting for your business?”
  • 42:33-45:11: “There’s so much information out there on how to do this. How do you find the path for you?”
  • 45:28-47:12: “I did the jump 7 years ago. How do I dig deeper into my skills?”
  • 47:12-53:00: “How does one find the energy for a side hustle when one’s job is so emotionally draining?”
  • 53:30-55:20:  biggest takeaway from my former client Nic on doing what she loves
  • 55:36-56:20: biggest takeaway from my former client Jamie on working with me
  • 56:20-1:01:33: wrap-up and thank yous

You can watch this directly on Spreecast here. And know that when a picture I shared pops up, you can drag it around your screen so you can better access the chat/links/timeline. I didn’t know it’d show up like that!

Stuff that was mentioned:

Do you have any questions that weren’t answered? Whether it’s about quitting your job, finding your passionate career, building a strong business foundation or taking your business to the next level, I’m all ears in the comments!




  1. says

    hi love, and happy anniversary! i just watched your video and related in many ways. I loved the story about how your boss asked you to tone your happiness down- i was told the same thing at one point by a boss and I was so offended that I told him, “ok, I’ll close my door and and put a note on it that says- don’t f’ing talk to me.” Not good!!

    I do want to say that it is possible to have a job that is not soul sucking while you build your heartfelt true blue biz. I spent the last four years in a job I really liked but wanted to leave b/c I felt that strong entrepreneurial pull. For anyone reading who is in that transition, I would recommend trying to find a bridge job that can somehow help you get further along with your dream biz in some way. Example, if you work in admin, but want to run a yoga studio- could you work in a yoga studio for someone else while building your biz? My last job really helped me become successful in my new biz… and it wasn’t painful “in the meantime”.

    thanks again for all you do!
    xo desha

    • michelle says

      Ohmygosh, what is WITH these people crushing our personalities? And seriously, at least you *had* a door. I have no idea what my manager wanted me to do when I was in a cube in an open floor plan! I offered to work from home full-time, but she didn’t take that bait at all. Ridiculous!

      And thanks for the non-soul-sucking work camaraderie as always, Desha!

  2. says

    Oh my goodness! Haha! I am at the point where you are talking about being told that you have to be quieter and tone down your cheeriness and so on. I had the opposite at a job. I got hired for a long-term temp once where my desk was practically in a hallway but facing the wall. The floors were carpeted and unless people walking by were talking or making some sort of noise, I couldn’t hear them walk by. I couldn’t see them because of the way my desk was arranged. Most of the time I had no clue people were there.

    I got pulled into the boss’s office and told that I was being rude by not saying hello to EVERY person walking by and I was being rude by not smiling CONSTANTLY. Yet at the same time they told me what an amazing worker I was, I was doing so great, blah blah blah. I asked if I could turn my desk to face the walk/hallway and was told no. I asked for a mirror to see behind me and was told no. I was basically told to “keep checking” behind me but to do so would mean getting NO work done.

    I quit that job later that day.

    • michelle says

      That is INSANITY. I mean, truly. What did they want you to do besides grow an extra head – or eyes in the back of the one you had? Good on you for walking away and not looking back (ha ha)!

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