The Recession is Bullhonkey: Monika’s Story

Let’s not mince words – I love everything about Monika Mundell’s story below: the jerky bosses, her I-won’t-take-it-anymore moment, and the lessons and actions that came from it. Prepare to have a fire lit underneath ya!


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I want to start this post with full disclosure: I never got laid off from a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) BUT I did endure years of on-the-job bullying by lazy managers who brown-nosed (and probably slept) their way to the top of the food chain in the hospitality industry. And frankly, I reached a state in my career I was sick and tired of working for assholes.

Plus… I lost my passion for cooking because of all the BULL-shiz that went with it.

This is my story of how I went from being a disgruntled chef of 22 years to building a multiple six-figure income in less than 3 years…

(My transformation took place right in the middle of the 2008 recession).

I know this for sure – your life’s purpose is hidden inside of your heart. You may not recognize it right now. But you have the power to search for it + claim it. I hope that by the end of reading this blog you’ll do just THAT.

Because life IS too short to do anything else but follow your passions, really.

What happened, before I sacked my boss…

So there I was, sweating like a pig(let) at 11pm. We just finished another hectic day, working 14+ hours. The dinner service was completed, customers fed, and we were cleaning up the kitchen. Wiping. Wrapping + storing foods. Mopping. Washing dishes. Placing food orders AND eating another late-night dinner of carbs and processed fats, with no nutritional value whatsoever.

This had been my life. For the better part of 22 years!

And I was sick and tired of it. I wanted out. I wanted nights at home. Weekends with friends. Parties. BBQs. Sunshine. Freedom. I wanted a LIFE. Meanwhile I watched my real life waste away in front of my eyes.

What happened next…

… changed my life. Literally.

What happened next is this: I sacked my boss, after discovering a home-based network marketing business opportunity. It was one of the best days of my life. I tasted freedom that day.

I spent the next four years pursuing my dreams of freedom… of working from home, traveling the world, and earning enough money to live happily ever after… or so I thought.

Meanwhile my husband kept working to support me.

But almost four years later I hit another wall, because I discovered that I only had a measly $1,000 left to (our) name. In less than four years I managed to blow our savings from over $50K to almost nothing – on network marketing. I knew I had reached a massive turning point in my life – I had to get my ass into gear or to die trying and go back to a J.O.B I hated with a passion.

I had to do both… just to help pay the bills.

And that’s exactly what I did: I started writing part time (after working 12+ hour days in a restaurant kitchen)… blogging to be exact. I secured a paid blogging gig with an Internet marketer. Every night after work I went home to write for three to four hours. Then one thing lead to another and soon I had a steady stream of new clients (from referrals and repeat orders).

I was writing for peanuts just to make a living, literally. After 14 months I had replaced my chefing income and sacked my boss for good… BUT I was in such high demand that I worked long days, seven days a week. And as you can imagine I didn’t have the stamina to keep working crazy hours. Nor did I want to. I burnt out, again.

My search for answers led me to buying a home study course on outsourcing. I knew that I had to manage my time better, and to work fewer hours.

Eight months later my business was clocking six figures. And I had reduced my working hours to around 25/week.

So what changed?

My mindset changed.

I started to appreciate my skills as a writer. I recognized my values, my non-negotiables, and my expertise. As a consequence of my mindset I started to attract better clients. I also raised my prices – every year.

Along the way I never stopped honing my professional skills by investing heavily in my education. My mentors told me how to position myself as a pro communication strategist. They taught me about branding, positioning, marketing, sales, and psychology.

The more I learnt about sales and marketing the more I was fascinated with using words to make sales. My discovery totally changed my focus. I discovered my passion for copywriting, for using words to artfully craft sales messages, and to stylishly + eloquently help my clients accelerate their profit potential and make sales while they sleep.

At long last I had found my true vocation!

After many failures, ups and downs, after more sleepless nights than I care to remember I found what I’m truly, madly + deeply passionate about.

I’m happy to say that I’ve built my laptop lifestyle business, because in March this year my husband and I will take our business on the road. We’re going location independent. And we’re like two little kids with free admission passes to Disneyland.

Some of the lessons I’ve learnt along the way:

I’d like to share the lessons that have helped me reach my current destination, to help you aim higher for yours.

Get crystal clear on your values and non-negotiables.

Before you take the leap of faith you need to have faith in yourself.

You need to be clear on your values. The stuff you stand up for, or defend against. I dedicated all of 2013 to my core desired feelings after reading Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map. I had five:

  • Creative
  • Harmony
  • Independence
  • Affluence
  • Luminous

I basically dedicated my whole life to these feelings. They had to be part of my every day lifestyle. I had to BE creative to feel alive. I had to HAVE harmony to feel happy and joyful. I had to TASTE independence to know that I was on track with my business goals.

Then I had to be clear on how I wanted to be treated by clients and what I would and wouldn’t accept as a consequence.

For starters I wasn’t going to waste my time with price shoppers. Nor did I feel inclined to serve people who spent their time gossiping about others and complaining all day. Those are just two of my non-negotiables. What are yours?

I think you get where I’m going with this. So make sure your values reflect your beliefs, your desires and your goals. If it feels right then it is.

Get clear on your purpose.

PURPOSE, is your key to a life of bliss + joy. And only YOU know the answer to what it is that truly drives you. The raw, authentic, passionate power within you that keeps your eyes locked tight on your goals… and hammering away furiously at your keyboard late at night, when deadlines loom.

Your purpose is directly linked to your passion. I don’t care when people say passion doesn’t matter. It DOES.

Because passion keeps you going when the going gets tough. Please remember this.

Get clear on your ideal perfect client.

Before you write a SINGLE word of copy, before you define your brand, your voice, and your stage presence… you need to get clear on whom you want to serve with your brilliance. Because in marketing, every word matters. And if you’re unclear about your niche, then your words will be hit and miss, and it will cost you time and money.

YOU, friend, have the power to use adversity to change your life!

Adversity often turns into (carefully packaged) opportunity to make better choices, to escape drudgery, and to open your heart + awareness to freedom.

If you’re facing a difficult situation at work or in business right now look DEEPER. Ask yourself, “What lesson am I meant to learn from this situation?” 

Then listen to what your heart tells you.

You’d be surprised as to what changes this can bring to your life.

Change is always riddled with challenge, pain, and frustration. But if you’re gutsy enough to work through the blockages I promise you there will be success, happiness, joy + freedom.

This is YOUR life! Make it count.

Now I want to hear from you:

In the comments below, tell me, what action are you going to take THIS week to take one step CLOSER to your ultimate life’s dream?




Monika Mundell is the go-to communication expert + illuminatress of mass seduction aka a creative copywriter for sassy women in business. Monika consistently explodes her client’s profit potential with her fresh, funky, and fun writing style. Monika created her FREE Sales Letter Love Script to help you magnetise your perfect client + make love, with words



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    Hey I totally get you Lisa. I struggled with my purpose for way too long. It was only after attending a Business Certificate course that I finally “got” it.

    If it helps: purpose is hidden inside of what makes you feel ALIVE when you get up in the morning. What is it that gets you all fired up and ready to rock? When I stopped looking outside and started looking inside of me I got it.

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