I Believe


I Believe in Pink wooden sign by WordsOnWood11.

I Believe that you can do it. We all can. Nobody has superhuman strength or luck that’s better than another’s. What differs between us is our optimism, our drives, our perspectives and our choices.

I Believe that work can feel like play. That we can all make a grown-up living doing what we love. That 5/7th of our week does not have to be dreaded and anxiety-filled.

I Believe that there is a Renaissance Soul insurgence at hand. Having a “slash” career with more than one title or occupation will soon become commonplace…and I’ll be ushering it in with open arms and lots of happy dances.

I Believe that we’re each unique snowflakes, and there is room for us all.

I Believe that we all work for ourselves, even when someone else is signing out paychecks. We’re all entrepreneurs in the 21st century.

I Believe that we can all quit our jobs safely, with a big, wide net and lots of padding.

I Believe that you don’t need a trust fund or a wealthy spouse to pursue your passion.

I Believe that we won’t ever find time – we have to make it (and that it’s there, even when it doesn’t appear to be).

I Believe that there’s always a How…but that finding it must be suspended in order to discover What you wanna be when you grow up.

I Believe in support and community to reach our goals and make dreams come true. Sure, it can happen without it…but what’s the fun in that?!

I Believe that coaches need coaches. (Mine, currently, is the lovely Kylie)

I Believe that opportunities are plentiful, and there are many paths that’ll lead you to where you need to go.

I Believe in saying Yes emphatically, and No kindly.

I Believe in sharing what you’ve learned and what you’re going through publicly, but only in a way that makes you comfortable.

I Believe that it’s never, ever too late.

I Believe that if you love something, you should do it – even if it doesn’t “lead” to anything.

I Believe that pink ukuleles can be healing.

I Believe that 2014 will be one for uncomfortable – but ultimately rewarding – growth.

I Believe in talking to myself nicely, and surrounding myself with others who do the same.

I Believe that a non-believer can turn into a believer. It’s the toughest step, but always the most important.

I Believe that all of your experiences – your jobs, your passions, your talents, your projects, you skills and strengths and likes – make sense together…and witnessing my clients “see” it is one of the greatest things I get to do as a coach.

I Believe in you…and I Believe in me, too.

If you believe that you can do it, but you know you need help to discover that grown-up, passionate career…I’ve had a cancellation for a one-on-one coaching spot and decided to offer another. That’s two open spots for a February start (instead of having to wait ’til May 2014 to coach with me). Click here to see if the Growin’ Up Goods is right for you.



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