2013 By The Numbers

January 2012 brought you My 2011 By the Numbers (kinda-sorta)/ Why You Don’t Need Big Bucks to Get Referrals / How One Person Can Change Your Biz Landscape.

January 2013 brought you 2012 By the Numbers (and what’s changed from last year).

And now, in January 2014, the tradition continues…in infographic format!

This took hours, people. But don’t it look (mostly) great?

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Have any questions about my numbers…or yours? Leave ’em in the comments!



  1. says

    That is ding dang fantastic! Such a gorgeous graphic!

    Would love to be a part of your Mulit-Potentialite Must Haves for this year too!

    I’ve been packaging up my workshops as “products” lately and my aim is to get them all up on my shop before the end of the month.

    Yay to Passive Income!

    Wishing you love, health and mucho biz growth in 2014 Michelle!



    • michelle says

      Yeah girl! I honestly don’t think there’s ever a thing as “passive income” – I mean, front-end work is always lots and then, in my instance, you gotta keep sharing/”marketing the thing in order for it to keep selling – but it’s amazeballs to think that all of my workbook sales this year came down to a few hours working on putting An Effective Escape on Kindle and then writing up tweets and Facebook posts. Such a no-brainer.

  2. says

    Wow! I’ve done budgets for a living for over 10 years and all I can say is WOW. Michelle you did a BEAU-tiful job!

    Excellent work and wow oh wow!!!

  3. Julie says

    Hi Michelle, This is so helpful as I launch my own coaching business! Thank you!! I know this is on your site somewhere but I don’t see it. :( Can you remind me what your multi-passionate must haves are? I thought it was your work books but I see that those are separate. Thanks again for your transparency & openness! it’s so helpful!

    • michelle says

      Oh yes, thanks for asking! The infographic made it look like those buttons could be clickable, but not so much.

      It was actually a 72 hour flash sale for multi-potentialites that I ran with Emilie Wapnick. There’s more info here.

      Glad it was helpful (especially ’cause it was so frustrating to put together…but now that I know the software, expect more of ’em for sure!).

  4. says

    Wow, Michelle, this is an awesome infographic! And what a great way to see your financials in a visual way to help planning and budgeting for the upcoming year. Wishing you continued success and happiness!!

    And screw boob cancer! Xo

  5. Rene says

    Thank you Michelle. My goal for next year is to be able to compile something like this and to be a more astute business person!

  6. says

    Well done on another year Michelle. I love how you displayed your year in figures with this infographic. Fantastic idea.

    Good plan on bringing down your expenses too. I guess those figures don’t include taxes? or do they?

    • michelle says

      No, they don’t include taxes. I put aside 20% of what I make for taxes, but I seem to always end up with a rebate anyways…yay for getting to write off so much!

  7. Erin says

    I was really surprised that your overhead was 46%–and you don’t have rent or utilities, typically a businesses largest expense. Did I understand it correctly? Would love to hear more about how you hope to reduce expenses.

    • michelle says

      Yup, you understood it correctly! It surprised me too, even though I do reports at the end of every month to see where everything sits.

      I’m planning to reducing my Platform expenses by about $1000 for the year. I’m moving over to Mad Mimi from AWeber (since I’m blogging for them, they’ve given me a free account), and I took advantage of a 50% off sale that BatchBook was having over the holidays. I also ditched my time tracking service since there was one built into my project management system, so that’ll save me too.

      Also, I’m cutting down on the strategists I’ve hired and the VA hours I’ve invested in. I’m still finalizing the changes, but I think I’m gonna pick up about half of what I used to delegate as well as focusing on streamlining my processes and systems to save time overall. It’ll be a big overhaul over here!


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