Dear Future Me (the 2014 edition)

NEWPhoto by Sean MacEntee and “new” added by me.

This is the fourth time I’ve written a Dear Future Me letter. You can read the others here and here and here (and why I didn’t write one last year here), and the idea behind the Dear Future Me letter from the amazeballs woman I stole it from (hi Jess LC!) right here

Before writing this letter, I was also struggling with my Word of the Year. Boundaries? Simplify? Efficiency? Ease? Discomfort? Growth? They all didn’t click quite right with me. But from this letter, the Word of The Year became clear (and I had no fear! didya hear?): New. Hence, the photo above. 

I was also surprised as to how general the letter was this year. I usually get super specific as to exactly what I do for myself and my business…but that didn’t show up this time around – and that’s OK. I think being more Open lends itself to sticking with New.

Like past years, I decided to keep some things private…but this is about 95% of the letter below. 

January 1st, 2015

Dear Future Michelle,


It feels like the year of Uncomfortable Growth, but in all the right ways.

Uncomfortable to scale back on your business, on All The Things you normally aim to do, on being oh-so-aggressive with meeting your financial goals, on no longer aiming to help All The People.

Uncomfortable to niche down, become smaller…but it feels expansive, even though it’s contradictory.

It feels expansive because 2014 was the year of enjoyment, of energy, of simplification, of taking care, of stillness and steadiness.

It was also the year of Newness.

You enveloped a new way of treating yourself: by slowing down, by establishing and upholding boundaries,  by taking breaks and doing more of the things that are “just” fun, by not putting so much on your plate, by not feeling like you’re spinning your wheels, by making health and nutrition your focus, by making decisions based on relationships and connections.

You enveloped a new way of running your business: by saying No with kindness to anything that wasn’t part of The Yes Bubble, by streamlining and becoming more efficient,  by not buying into things you don’t need, by taking ownership instead of relying solely on delegation, by truly trusting that the turtle wins the race, by living by Fun and Ease.

You enveloped a new way of treating others: by communicating what you need (even if it’s not what you think the other person wants to hear), by upholding your integrity and honesty and kindness, by asking for help, by not leading by obligation or guilt or fear, by being fully present for all conversations, by reaching out and checking in earlier and more frequently than usual, by forgiving and releasing more easily than usual.

2014 was nothing short of a year of transformation.

You can feel it now, inside. You can look around and see it, outside.

New beliefs.

New intentions.

New strengths.

New relationships (or the same relationships, in a new way).

New hope.

A new start.

Love, Current Michelle

Did you come up with a Word of the Year and/or write a Dear Future Me letter? If ya did, don’t forget to load it in to and schedule it to be sent on the date at the top of the letter. So cool! Anyway, I’d love to hear what you uncovered in the comments! 




  1. says

    Love this letter Michelle. I’ve done something very similar during 2013 – focused more on my Core Desired Feelings after reading Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map, which helped me be stronger in saying “No” to people and “Yes” to myself.

    As a consequence I’ve enjoyed a fantastic year of balance between business and lifestyle – with lots of travel (which I LOVE), and still bringing home enough of the moolah to live very comfortably.

    This year I’m ready to STEP into bigger shoes still, combining my laptop lifestyle business with my passion to illuminate the brilliance of sassy women in business.

    My word for 2014 is actually two: Fearless Commitment

    To face off my fears, and to keep carving my path.

  2. says

    Hey Michelle,

    Love love love this idea – and your bravery with sharing your own letter, year after year.

    As a lifecoach for women, I was looking for a cool, soul-soothing exercise to inspire change without being inducing guilt, as traditional sucky NY’s resolutions tend to do. This ‘Dear Future Me’ letter is exactly that. You’ve inspired me to write a similar letter on my website and even create a coaching exercise based on it!

    Thank you for your authentic awesomeness,


    • michelle says

      Thank you for your kind words and support, Danielle! Thrilled thrilled thrilled to have you follow suit – that letter of yours is beautiful, and now your clients will get to benefit from it, too! Win-win.

  3. says

    Did it! Did it!

    Interestingly, it took seeing it a few weeks ago in your Mad Mimi post, ruminating on that a while, then spotting it pop up again in The Declaration of You book, and then seeing this post come through my feed reader. That clinched it. For this idea to catch my attention so many times in this information-overload world could only mean one thing: that I had to do it. It was hard, but I’m glad. Thank you!

    So here goes!

  4. E King says

    Erin, You’ve accomplished that which was most important to you, mainly finding a balance between work, school and family, completed working full-time while earning your master’s degree (in the program part-time for six years and 60 hours baby!), and continue to accept not all things are in your control except yourself.

  5. Natasha Heredia says

    OK, I’m an idiot… I don’t understand this. I thought you would have written this to yourself last year about what you wanted to accomplish in the upcoming time. But it sounds like you wrote it ‘today’ about what you did last year…. What am I missing?


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