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Haaaaaaaaappy almost-2014!

Hope you’re planning a celebratory evening and a relaxing + rejuvenating day to ease into this new year.

If you’re anything like me, though, once the champagne wears off you’ll be raring to get back to business. I swear, some of my favorite days have been ones I’ve spent with markers and spreadsheets and mindmaps and my Box o’ Business Brilliance.

I’m such a nerd.

If you’re looking to set your sights back on your business foundation, I have the funnest solution (seriously, it all has to be fun – I won’t tolerate it any other way): an invite to my Clubhouse Coworking Day on Friday, January 3rd!

I pow-wowed with the current Clubhouse members, and they can’t wait to meet and greet some other likeminded, creative, soon-to-be/new-ish entrepreneurs. There’s no catch here – just a really productive, social day where you can pick my brain and the brains of the other Clubhouse members.

It’ll go like this (all times in Eastern time zone):

  • 10-10:30a: we’ll do some intros along with setting intentions as to what you personally wanna work on (that I’ll hold ya accountable for at the end of the day). Unsure what that’d be? Come with your questions and I’d be happy to make suggestions with resources, exercises, etc. based on what you’re struggling with. Collectively, us Clubhousers know everything (it’s been proven), so we have you covered.
  • 10:30-1: work on your own
  • 1-2p: lunch break! Bring your food and hang out/ask me questions. Think of this brain picking time!
  • 2-5p: work on your own
  • 5-5:30pish: get ready to collectively celebrate our wins, share our goals, and do happy dances together.

Can’t make the whole day? That’s more than fine! Come when ya can, and know that the recordings become immediately available as soon as we’re off the call. It’s so the future.

Want an invite? Add yourself to this list and you’ll get all the deets to your Inbox on Thursday.

Have the happiest, healthiest New Year!

Any questions about the Clubhouse in general, the Coworking day, or anything else to build a solid business foundation? Leave ’em in the comments!



  1. says

    I have a confession to make..I’m always creeping along your wonderful website/blog and gather such great inspiration from you and your guests…and it’s without paying you for it. EEK!! I’m such a terrible person. You have no idea how much you give me a glimmer of hope for my soon to be BIG business this year 😉 I wont’ be able to make the call tomorrow since I’m still one of the people with a STUPID job but I’ll be checking out the podcast for sure! …again totally cheating.

    • michelle says

      You are the opposite of terrible, Rita! If I minded something like that I’d shut down my blog, my newsletter, and all my social media sites. NEVER! Keep on getting what ya need in the way ya need it…that’s perfect for me!

      {And just an FYI that the recording for this won’t be available publicly…}

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