Dec 03 2013

What’s it like to be an entrepreneur? Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at my week.


It’s been 2 years since I’ve given a detailed view of what A Day In My Life is like…and I feel it’s a great time for an update!

To echo what I said back in 2011, each and every day/week/month is different for me. I don’t always see friends on Mondays or take yoga on Tuesdays or spend every Friday afternoon in a coffee shop…being a solopreneur who wears All The Hats (even with amazeballs help) just doesn’t allow it.

So while I gave you just a day-long overview back then, I wanna give you a week-long overview now.

A behind-the-scenes look as to why/when/how I do what I do – and what it really looks like to be a full-time entrepreneur.

No glossy photos of me with balloons or glasses or a pencil between my teeth, running through a park with a dog. That is so not my life.

(I roll my eyes at pictures like that. Do you? Actually, if you were to take a picture of me right now, I’d be in my yoga clothes without a stitch of makeup, hunched over my computer (seriously, I need to work on my posture!)).

‘Cause seriously, that’s how being an entrepreneur looks. At least for me.


This is what the week of November 18, 2013 looked like.

For context, the things that were in my focus point that week were:

  • getting An Effective Escape on Amazon (which we did on November 29th!)
  • the imminent re-opening of the Clubhouse doors (which’ll happen on December 9th!)
  • end-of-the-year review and 2014 planning

So the next time you hear me talking about being a Renaissance Soul and not being able to just work on one project at a time, you’ll know I practice what I preach.

Now, usually each morning is the same. I’m up and out of bed somewhere around 8:30a, and then make green smoothies for Luke and me while watching Judge Judy and drinking coffee. Once justice is served, I usually take some time to meditate for around 10 minutes (I’m new to it and trying to form the habit), and then I sit down at the computer.

I can lie and tell you I’m all showered and “ready to go” before I start working, but that hasn’t been the case lately. I usually stay in my pjs until about an hour or 2 before my first “appointment”, and then I hop in the shower and get dressed/made-up. I blame the cold weather and the coziness of my pjs in the winter!


Monday, November 18th

10:15a-12p: answer email, hang out in the Career Camp Facebook group, and review the first draft of An Effective Escape on Amazon Publisher.

1-2:30p: had lunch with Sarah Feingold, who I initially met at the Etsy Success Symposium in early 2011 and have emailed a ton, but haven’t seen again in person! It was great catching up and even scheming on a potential collaboration.

3-6p: worked in a coffee shop in NYC around the corner from the theater where my husband was doing his show that night. Wrote the copy for the new An Effective Escape page, a blog post, and a newsletter for my Clubhouse members.

6-11p: I met Luke backstage to help him get ready for the show, then was in the show, and then hung out at the bar after the show catching up with an old friend who I hadn’t seen in a while. We called it quits around 11p and headed for home.


Tuesday, November 19th

10:30a-11:45a: email, client follow-up, and time in the Clubhouse Facebook group.

12-1:50p: yoga class and lunch

1:50-3:30p: newsletter and blog post writing spree

3:15-6p: client prep and sessions, with a 45-min break in between

6-7:15p: client follow-up emails (I send all my clients their session recording + links + notes + homework after each session)


Wednesday, November 20th

9:50a-12p: reviewed the 2nd draft of An Effective Escape, hung out in the Career Camp Facebook group, and sent some emails to my Clubhousers

12-1p: had my weekly catch-up with Jess to talk about The Declaration of You’s holiday sale. Spent 3/4 of the time talking about our personal lives and 1/4 talking about the book, as per usual.

4:30-5:45p: jumped on Skype to gab with Halley. I helped her with some business stuff, and she did the same for me.

6-7:15p: client session

7:15-7:40p: client follow-up emails

Thursday, November 21st

9:30-11a: hit my Social Media spots (especially Facebook and Twitter), billed some Clubhousers, and spent time filling in all my personal and business info for Amazon.

11-11:30a: QuickBooks time! I put in all the new expenses and money made since the last time I reconciled things on November 6th.

11:30a-12:30p: ran errands and went to the local coffee shop to do my afternoon writing

12:30-2:45p: hit the Career Camp & Clubhouse Facebook groups, answered email, wrote 2 blog posts + a newsletter + 2 new pieces of Career Camp content + a post for Mad Mimi. I’ll be a monthly blogger for them in 2014!

3-5:15p: Skyped with Kari and then Jolie. Lots of Portland friend goodness, talking about stuff both business and personal. Definitely felt like a “time out”.

5:30-6:30p: client session!

6:30-6:45p: triple checked the final version of An Effective Escape.

6:45-7p: follow-up email to my client


Friday, November 22nd

10a-10:30a: email and Career Camp Facebook group

10:30a-12:10p: sketch out content for December through mid-January and put as milestones and tasks into my project management system. Because I’ll be re-opening my Clubhouse doors from December 9th-January 14th, it’s all about goodies for newbie entrepreneurs. I’ll put lots of juicy stuff here, but this list’ll get exclusive content and an invite to join us for a Clubhouse Coworking Day in early January. It’s always tougher than I expect to craft content that’s related to the offering I wanna highlight. It’s such an art/skill, and one that I don’t feel comes naturally to me at all (even after doing it for 4ish years!).

12:10-1p: lunch and showering/prettifying

1-2p: interviewed via Skype for a virtual conference that’ll happen this March – details to come!

2:10-6:30p: after settling in at the local coffee shop (again!), I circled back to my Career Campers, followed up with clients, and created Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Planner-Reviewers that I can use for my biz and share with my clients and Clubhousers. (And yes, which I’ll share with those who’re on this list).


And ya know, I was only gonna go through Friday…but I worked a bunch on Sunday, too! From 2:45-8p, I was filling out the Yearly Planner-Reviewer I created to outline 2014…which led to the totally filled out 2014 calendar above.

I’m also about to start a Throwback Thursday series, featuring old blog posts o’ mine, and I spent another hour (8-9p) going through old posts that I wanna revive. Then I called it a night and put the work down just enough to get my 8ish hours of sleep and start all over again the next day.

Any surprises here? Anything you wanna know more about? Leave it in the comments and I’ll make sure to make my response part of this week!

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7 Responses to What’s it like to be an entrepreneur? Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at my week.

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi! Thanks for giving us a peak inside your world! I was wondering, however, which yearly planner/review do you use?

    Thanks again!

    • michelle says:

      I actually created my own! I’ll be sending it to those on this listin a couple weeks time.

      Oh! I also used the 2014 Dry Erase Poster from Paper Source you see in the image, in case that’s more of what you’re asking :)

  2. Julie says:

    wow! Thanks so much for sharing. This is super helpful. What’s your secret to writing blog posts & other content so quickly? Do you go back to look at at a second time or just write it & go with it?

    • michelle says:

      Ooh, good question! I often start with whatever comes to my head first for the topic I’m writing on. For example, with this post, I started with Monday and laid out my week and then wrote the intro/conclusion. I also rarely stop to look up links mid-writing…I’ll just bold it or write LINK HERE and then go back.

      And as you can probably guess, I’m the worst with editing (my copywriter husband says lovingly, “You know you use 10 words when 3 will do?” – Yes. Yes I Do.), so usually the first draft is also the last draft, with very minimal changes.

  3. Caitlyn says:

    Thanks for sharing this – it really is so helpful! I’m going full-time coaching as of 2014 and its so lovely to get a peak into one of my role models’ worlds :)

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