Nov 26 2013

10 Things To Do Besides Cry in Your Company’s Bathroom


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Spending part (or all?) of your lunch hour – or minutes between never-ending meetings – sobbing in your office bathroom?

Wondering how the hell you got here, and how this is your life?

Instead of giving into despair, do this instead:

10. Watch the 1st video in the 10 Ways to Discover Work That Feels Like Play series (and sign up if you want the next 9 ways):

9. Do whatever you need to set the Reset button. What energizes you? Whether it’s a “sick day” at work to take yourself out for lunch, a movie, and a massage; a journaling practice each morning; or a “pajama day” where you don’t even entertain the thought of leaving the house (or getting dressed!), pinpoint the things that “reset” you back to feeling like you, and do at least one of them.

8. Read 8 Ways to Get Through Your Day Job Without Shooting Yourself in the Face. Pick one thing from the list and do it.

7. Put 7pm Eastern on Tuesday, December 3rd on the calendar and join me as I interview artist and illustrator Summer Pierre, who wrote one of the best how-to-make-the-most-of-your-stupid-job guides ever. There’ll be lots of time for live Q&A!

6. Take a walk. Take a break. Get away from your desk. Get out of the building. Grab a coffee. Call your spouse. Enjoy the fresh air and make sure to breathe deep. Do what you can to get more time for yourself throughout the day.

5. Read the posts in the Recession is Bullhonkey series and know that you can get another job (or quit it entirely), despite what The World is telling you.

4. Pick and choose from the 13 Grown Up Gigs interviews I have recorded in 2013 – or watch/listen to ‘em all!

3. Follow all my Pinterest boards, but go through the links in the ones titled Career ChangersCareer ClarifiersCareer Connections, and Rockin’ Resumes.

2. Do 1 thing that’ll lead you towards your Effective Escape (which is what I call quitting your job without having to worry that you’ll wind up living in your parent’s basement). Update your resume. Send an APB email to your trusted peeps about your ideal work situation. Recruit a friend to attend a networking event with you, and then talk to other people.

1. Remember that you are more than your job, and it is never too late to make a career change. Your identity goes way, way way beyond what you do between the hours of 9 and 5 (or 6, or 8, or 10) – and the bulk of your day can be make up of tasks that make you feel smart, confident, helpful and passionate.

I quit my day job. Are you next?

I’ll be re-releasing my An Effective Escape: Leaving Your Day Job Without Living In Your Parent’s Basement workbook on the Kindle this Friday, and offering it for a super low price from Friday through Tuesday. Sign up for my VIP List so you can make sure not to miss the super sale – because I’m thankful for doing work I love, the “ease” of being a Woman of the World (aka full-time entrepreneur) in the 21st century, and you.

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  1. Jen says:

    Yay! I love Summer Pierre’s book! Looking forward to the interview :) I hope it will be available after-the-fact as I have to work that night, sigh.

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