The very first Declaration of You Day: The Recap!

Did you join us for the very first Declaration of You Day?!

If you did, you know it was the funnest. In 6 short hours, we were able to:

  • give away 15 books (9 of our own & others from Natalia KW, Alexandra Franzen & Susannah Conway)
  • chat in real time with Kari Chapin, Colleen Wainwright & Natalia KW
  • give away a 3 month subscription to Tiffany Han’s Love Letters
  • do 8 “speed” projects & share our photos together
  • laugh our pajama pants off
  • make new friends (& learn new things about our old ones)
  • make a mess!

Here are some of our favorite photos that people posted throughout the day:

Untitled-2 Print

We’ve started sending out weekly prompts to help everyone who’s checked the last box on this list to work through each chapter of the book, one at a time. Hopefully they’ll provide some guidance as you work through the book as well as some ways to help you go a bit deeper into each topic if/when you’re ready.

And while we have an inkling that another Declaration of You Day will happen in the future, no need to wait for us to announce it – you can make your own Declaration of You Day on your own or with friends. As you work through the book, don’t be shy in posting on our Facebook wall or via Instagram, tagging us and/or using the #tdoybook hashtag on all the social media platforms.

We hope you have a declarations-filled day!

Danielle - Urban Darling


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