How to Make Your Wanderlust/Job Hopping/Renaissance Soul Work For Your Career (in 3 easy steps!)

Renaissance Soul.




Call it what ya want, but when you feel you constantly like/have worked on/wanna work on All The Things, it could put a real gray cloud over the Career (capital C!) you’re yearning for.

Think you’ll never be taken seriously by a potential employer or client? Think again!

Click Play below to find out 3 Easy Steps to making your wanderlust/job hopping/Renaissance Soul work for you!

Can’t see the video? Head here to play it on Vimeo!

Stuff that can help ya with the 3 Steps:

What do you think is a benefit to being a multipotentialite? What still feels like a roadblock? Comment below and we’ll get to chattin’ ’bout it!


Kat Can Paint



  1. Amy says

    I’m SO excited about that word – multipotentialite!
    I have always felt that I lack direction because I am not passionate about just 1 thing but am good at and inspired by so many (varied) things. Need to start viewing this as a pro & not a con :)
    Thank you for your awesome & inspiring blog!

  2. Roseann says

    Renaissance soul, multipotentialite? Those are two of the most beautiful words I have ever heard!
    Head shaking and failure are the usual reactions.
    Loved the video! You always know the questions to get my gears turning.
    This one, though, has me super inspired to get to work!
    Thank you,

    • michelle says

      This makes me the happiest, Roseann. I super encourage you to dig into those Resources ASAP. Not to build it up too much, but they’re gonna be absolutely life-changing.

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