How to Find Your Message/Niche (in 3 Easy Steps!)

This goes under the How Have I Not Made This Yet? category. Finding your message/niche is, like, the most important piece of the Passionate Career puzzle!

Whether you wanna work for yourself or someone else, articulating your message/niche/mission (whatever you wanna call it) will be your compass for work that’s gonna feel really, truly, authentically YOU.

Click Play below to find out 3 Easy Steps to Finding Your Message/Niche!

Can’t see the video? Head here to play it on Vimeo!

Goodies I mentioned in the video (& goodies that can help):

  • visit my friend Jess Swift right here and see how she can have a ton of “unrelated” products that still work together under her message: Live Color to the Max!
  • speaking of Jess, Step One here coincides nicely with the Enthusiasm topic of our Declaration of You Blog Lovin’ Tour! You can watch a video we made about it here and check out the posts that were written by clicking here.
  • Alexandra Franzen’s The Great I Am Worksheet is fab, as is The Path and Franklin Covey’s Mission Statement Builder.
  • The offerings I mention in the video are my Grown Up Gigs video interview series, Clubhouse membership site, & one-on-one sessions. I’m also in the process of putting the finishing touches on an online career change course to start this fall – you can sign up here for more info as I have it!
  • My Ascertaining Your Awesomeness workshop will give ya a more in-depth way to tackle this, and is available to ya for $0 as soon as ya subscribe to my VIP List. If you’re already on the list, check your Inbox – the link is included in today’s email.

What’s been holding you back from finding your message/niche? Did ya get any new perspectives from watching the video? What else might you need help with in articulating your mission? Comment below and I’ll make sure to respond to ya!



  1. says

    Thanks for this video! :) you just got me all “pumped up” on a day when I was already aaaall pumped up and ready to get started with a lot of creative “awesomenes”. I’m not sure how I ran into Jessica Swift’s stuff a couple of months ago and because of her I ran into a chain of wonderful, inspiring blogs, books, etc, etc, and you. Thank you, thank you. Oh, and did I get any new perspectives from watching the video? I would say I reaffirmed my perspectives: my art is commercial (and that’s cool-that’s the most important reaffirmation)and happy and that’s what I want! share happy art with the world. Have and awesome day! 😀 Oh, and here’s my happy art that I want to share with the world The end.

    • michelle says

      Yes yes yes! All of this, Yes. Your stuff is gorgeous, Carolina – and I love how you’re owning the commercialization of it. More happiness in the world is an amazeballs thing times infinity!

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