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Think that Quitting Your Day Job means you have to stop working for someone else and work solely on your own biz? Think again! Jen Vertanen tells ya how she quit her job & found a new one + her own heart-based biz.

Hello, hello! My name is Jen Vertanen and I am a Small Biz Strategist + Vision Actualizer for creative entrepreneurs. My specialty is helping right-brain creatives get even more great sh*t done without having to work so. freaking. hard. Why? Because I’m a right-brainer operating in a left-brain corporate setting as a Senior IT Project Manager. So yeah…I get it!

I have an interesting, albeit unusual, I Quit My Day Job Update for you because I actually still have a day job and even better…I love it and even better than that….it’s helped me refocus and re-energize my own business from that of an ‘I-don’t-know-what-the-hell-I-am Coach’ to now which makes sooooo much more sense that I can’t believe I didn’t think of it earlier!

My newly updated business cards are at the letterpress, my redesigned website is this close to being done and I cannot flippin’ wait. All paths have led to this point and while I’m not going to lie…bits and pieces of it were really sucky (like the 60 lbs I gained in 2 years) I wouldn’t trade them in for the world. I have so much more clarity and excitement and I know this time it’s going to stick. Watch the video to learn more about where I’m at today…

I’m excited to hear your thoughts and question!. Let me know in the comments below and I’ll pop in from time to time to say Hi.

vertanen-promo-square_cornersJen Vertanen is a Small Biz Strategist + Vision Actualizer who helps creative entrepreneurs get even more great sh*t done. She’s also passionate about red wine, red shoes, and Aquaman but those are stories for another day. Come say ‘Hi’ or share a picture of your favorite red onFacebook or Twitter @jenvertanen. To find out more about Jen, go to JenVertanen.com and download the Secret Sauce Guide to Getting Great Sh*t Done ~ The How To Focus Edition.




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    Oh, I just found this from a link, and it makes me SO happy! I’m a (former) IT chick and PM, too. And after some quittin’ and some driftin’, I ended up with my website, coaching my fellow Geek Goddesses to happiness! Good luck with all you do, and thanks for some commiseration/inspiration/excitation! <3 to ya!

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