Bryn Taylor’s Grown Up Gigs recording is now available!

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Ohmygosh, it was so the funnest/specialist to get an hour to spend with wardrobe stylist Bryn Taylor on my 3rd Entrepreneuriversary earlier this week. Not only did she share how she transitioned out of her full-time corporate gig, she also told us all about

  • what clued her in to the fact that fashion was where she needed/wanted to explore (as opposed to acting, which she went to college for)
  • how she got her company to agree to give her every Friday off when it was so not the norm
  • her non-linear path through data entry, assisting, copywriting, product development…and why she’d only make one change if she had to do it all again
  • the safety net she relied on in her 1st full year as an entrepreneur, and why it made her uncomfortable
  • how Opening Your Mouth leads to mentors, support, and opportunities aplenty
  • being a bicoastal entrepreneur
  • what you do when you love an industry but not the traditional careers within it
  • how answering an ad on Craigslist led her to her first fashion-related job

I mean, I can go on and on, but I won’t – ’cause you can watch/listen for yourself!

Can’t see the video? Click here to head right to YouTube. Prefer an MP3 to listen to instead? You can make it happen here.

These quotes from the talk are super tweet-worthy:

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On April Fools Day, I’ll be sitting alongside handbag designer Lauren Falkowski – no joke!  Make sure you click here to get your reminders.



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