Tracy Matthews’ Grown Up Gigs recording is now available!

Not to sound like a jerk, but I’m the smartest ever for inventing Grown Up Gigs, guys. It has so become the highlight of my (twice-a) month, and I just love knowing I ain’t alone in my love for it. Annching backs me up by tweeting:

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 4.33.32 PM

The hour just flew by with Tracy and I on Monday, and we chatted it up about:

  • how what you did as a kid could carve a path (even a non-linear, un-obvious one) to your passionate career
  • why she closed her first jewelry business when she was almost at the $1M sales mark
  • how (and when! and why!) to scale your business
  • how momentum gave her a month with $30K in profit
  • how she went from making jewelry that retailed for $25 to making jewelry that starts at $1,000 retail
  • what happens when you identify your ideal client
  • how she works as a personalized jewelry designer *and* a business consultant/teacher and teaches yoga while making time to go, um, to Bali and have a life.

Geez Louise to the Louise. This is the definition of Good Stuff, you guys.

If you can’t see or access the video, click here to get to it directly. Prefer an MP3 to listen to instead? You can make it happen here.

Oh! And here are the resources/peeps we talked up:

These quotes from the talk are super tweet-worthy:

ClickToTweet “You’re in the right place, and everything is a lesson to be learned.” -@tracymatthewsny on #gugigs

ClickToTweet “It’s okay to change your mind.” One of the many gems from @tracymatthewsny on #gugigs with @WhenIGroUpCoach

ClickToTweet “Understand that whatever you want is possible, although it might not come in the way you think.” -@tracymatthewsny

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