Grown Up Gigs with Tracy Matthews (jewelry designer, yoga teacher & consultant) on Monday!


Where ya gonna be at 9:30a Pacific/11:30a Central/12:30p Eastern Monday? I’ll be on Spreecast chatting it up with Tracy Matthews, and I hope that’s where you’ll be, too!

Tracy is a custom jewelry designer *and* yoga teacher who also has her own business consultancy biz with Flourish & Thrive Academy. We’ll so be talking about all of these “and” careers as well as the fact that her salary is in the six figures. It ain’t magic, people – I promise.

Jot down the date/time (that’s 9:30a Pacific/11:30a Central/12:30p Eastern Monday, February 25th) and link, and join us with your morning coffee/green smoothie/grilled cheese (my favorite things!) – depending on the time of day it is for wherever you are in the world – right here.

A-ha moments await!




  1. says

    Tracy, You mentioned selling on Etsy and not getting any Sales. Where did you move to, on the Internet to start getting Sales? I currently sell on Etsy myself and have the same problem.
    Thank you!

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