I Got a Golden Ticket (The Recap!)

GT morning Collage

The start of the day included (clockwise): an interview with Tanya and me for our video, shot by Show & Tell Stories (pic by Monica McCarthy); waiting for the Golden Goddess under the garland that Tiffany made us (pic by Kylie Bellard); the Welcome Table included goody bags stuffed with treats from Kitchen Letters, Two Rubies, Linda Tieu, Kris Oster, Laura Kelly, & Francesca Marano  (pic by Kylie Bellard).

Well, it’s been a full week + 1 day from the whirlwind that was the first ever Golden Ticket event, and I don’t think I could’ve done this any sooner if I tried.

For 3-ish days I could barely even talk about it. Luke and my Mom were all, “What was your favorite part of the day?” and I couldn’t give any specifics other than, “All of it!” and then point to the pictures that were pouring in from our Goddesses.

I couldn’t put into words the magic of what happens when a group of creative business ladies who’ve gotten to know each other virtually over the course of multiple months get into a room together and spend the day hugging, cheering, loving, and getting to watch/listen to each and every one of them put Their Message out into the world and own it.

So, here are the pictures of them doing just that:

321 collage

Top to bottom: Tiffany (shot by Abbie), Deb (shot by Kelly), Jenna (shot by Kylie), Kylie (shot by Hannah Marcotti), Sandy (shot by Kelly), Steffanie (shot by Steffanie), Abbie (shot by Hannah Marcotti), Shannon (shot by Kylie), Sarah  (shot by Kelly), & Kelly (shot by Kylie). Group effort!

Y’see, Golden Ticket’s tagline was “Love what you do and how you do it”, meant for women who know they’re in the right business, but something about it just isn’t working. We went over their uniquity, their offerings, their audience, the way they wanna market themselves, their support structure, how to stop those Vampire Voices (y’know, the ones that suck the good stuff out of us)…and then they crafted a speech from all that and we all got together for a 1-day Extravaganza to hear ’em & tape ’em for their sites. If I do say so myself, Tanya and I created a fab program and the day delivered in spades. While we obviously wanted every talk to be a home run, we didn’t necessarily expect for every talk to be a home run. But they were. Oh, they were.

A grand slam, even!

Every. One.

GT misc Collage

Clockwise: photo by Sarah; photo by Hannah; photo by Hannah; photo by Monica; photo by Monica; photo by Sarah; photo by Abbie; photo by Sandy; photo by Kylie

And that was the highlight of the day for me. Of the program, actually. It was watching these 10 women get up and speak, one after the other, some more comfortable than others, and be able to articulate their story, their passion, their uniquity, their offerings, their perspective. We heard from them that they wouldn’t have been able to do it without us…and that gives me the biggest Golden Glow.

And without going into the details (we don’t wanna spill ’em yet!), we’re making changes that reflect what we learned, what we saw, what we heard, what we experienced. Moving forward, we know that our Golden Goddess will walk away with why they do what they do in their businesses and how to help other people see how awesome they are. It’s about clarifying their message, their people, and their offerings – and to put that out in the world on video, because we know there’s no better way to connect, to resonate, to shine.

The NYC backdrop, The Champagne Toast, The Morning Dance Party, The Welcome Bags, The Closing Dinner…all fabulous, truly, but all secondary. This, below, sums up the whole day for me:


Pic by Kylie Bellard…and yes, that’s Alexandra Franzen & Hannah Marcotti you see there, too. They were our “special guests” and lived up to that title, truly.

If you want to see more pictures, there are way too many of ’em in this Facebook album. If you want to make sure you get info on the next time we run this thing (hint: it’s gonna be sooner than you think, and it’s gonna include even.more.awesome!) and access to free Golden Goodies, you can get more info and sign up here.

I’ll be adding more links to recaps and videos as they’re posted, but here’s what I got for now:

I have a feeling that I’m going to be basking in this for months. As our Golden Goddess Deb says, “Thank you, more please!”



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    LOVE this! It’s definitely a day that can be difficult to put into words, but I think you summarized it perfectly. So so SO much love for you and Tanya – the whole Golden Ticket experience was (dare I say it) biz and life changing 😉


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