How Meditation Helps You Grow Up (& a Giveaway!)

Um, you guys? With my word of 2013 being Space and hearing ad nauseum (in a good way) about the benefits of meditation, I’ve been meaning to start a practice. But, um, you guys? It sooooo hasn’t happened. Which is why I was thrilled when I saw my friend Kate Swoboda leading a 30 Days of Meditation course this March, and I signed up the first second I saw it. Now I’m extra thrilled, because Kate’s here addin’ to the ad nauseum (in a good way) and giving away a spot in the ecourse. Read on!

Meditation Print by Little Ladybug

When it comes to careers, the job market, or the economy, these are times that could easily be described as…overwhelming.

When we feel overwhelmed, that’s something beyond sadness or anger. Sadness is the venting of grief, and anger is the venting of frustration, and overwhelm takes those two and adds on a murky layer of “confused.”

It’s hard to think straight. It’s hard to get clear on what you really want. It’s hard to feel like yourself (if you even knew who that was, to begin with). So here I am, just some life coach who’s going to start talking about meditation. Yeah, yeah, yeah…

But wait! I’m not going to promise that meditation can solve all of your problems (it won’t).

I’m not going to promise that meditation will tell you what you should be when you grow up (entirely possible, but no guarantees).

What I’m going to tell you is that a regular meditation practice leads you on the journey of a lifetime, the journey of intimately knowing who you are.

Internal and External

It’s time taken away from the overwhelm of the external world, dialing down, so that you can see that all that external stuff is just a reflection of the internal.

Whatever overwhelms you out there is not actually the issue. The issue is that something within you is so triggered by what’s out there.

The real work is looking at the entire belief system that sets up overwhelm–and it’s really, really tough to look at that belief system when there’s no practice in place for slowing the thoughts down enough to be able to examine them.

In this way, meditation is really practical and pragmatic–it’s a useful tool, and it’s one that anyone can do.

In fact, if you think about it–meditation helps us to “grow up” by facing our problems and getting to know who we truly are.

Me, Too?

Yes, you. You can do this. Even if you’ve tried meditation before and thought it was impossible, you can do this. That’s the entire premise behind my upcoming course, 30 Days of Meditation.

When I first tried formal sitting meditation, I thought I was going to crawl out of my skin. I couldn’t sit still. “Focus on the breath”–were they kidding?

I found my way to meditation by using presence practices that built a bridge to my current sitting practice. In 30 Days of Meditation, I show you what those practices are.

This is about finding the style of meditation that resonates for you, in small, 5 to 15-minute increments of time.

The Giveaway

30 Days of Meditation starts March 4th, and Michelle and I have collaborated to offer a giveaway to one of her readers. We’ll be randomly choosing one winner to get the entire course for free.


  • The 30 Days of Meditation course, complete with downloadable audio meditations. You’ll learn more than 20 different styles of meditation.
  • Access to the inaugural 30 Days of Meditation online community.
  • The 30 Days of Meditation companion e-book.
  • 2 Bonus “prep” practices to get you set up.

All you have to do is leave a comment on how you feel meditation would help you with your creative career. We’ll close the comments at 12p Eastern on Wed 2/13 and will pick a winner via shortly thereafter.

Note: Even if you’ve already signed up for 30 Days of Meditation, you can enter–if your name is chosen, I’ll happily credit your account.

UPDATE: Hooray hooray, we have a winner – Lorinda Fraser! Kate will be emailing you soon with all the details. Thank you everyone for your great comments!

30 Days of Meditation

KateS2-731x1024Kate Courageous is a life coach, writer and speaker who teaches people why “integrity is sexy” and how the practice of courage is revolutionary. Since 2009, thousands of people have visited to learn more about working with fear in revolutionary ways through the practice of courage–with the core message being that when you’re trying to eradicate fear or pretend that it doesn’t exist, you’re working against yourself. Her approach is a sexy-soulful combination of intuitive spirituality with brass-tacks, pragmatic wisdom. She defines courage as feeling afraid, diving in anyway, and transforming. Photo credit: In Her Image Photography



  1. says

    How is sitting meditation better (or not) than moving meditations? I’ve always found that sitting meditations for me are exercises in just how many layers of thought I have going on in my brain, but when I’m doing yoga, I can actually get moments of peace. I can’t point to any huge flash of insight in my creative business that’s come from my 6 month yoga practice, but I do know that I’m stronger, I haven’t gone down with a muscle spasm since I started, and when I don’t get my daily yoga fix I tend to get antsy.

    • says

      Hey Kirsten, there are some people out there who see a moving meditation–any style of meditation other than theirs, in fact–as invalid. They think that the very idea that you would try to find a practice that “fits” you as an attempt to escape from discomfort. While I see some validity to that argument, ultimately, I’m with you–what’s important is what gets us *present* not the specific form that it takes. I know a lot of people who love their moving meditation practices! 😉

  2. says

    My word of the year this year is Clarity. It’s time for me to (re)discover what’s important to me and how to make it happen in my personal, professional, and creative life. I admit, I’ve been overwhelmed this year so far. I’m losing steam for finding clarity already so some quiet (meditation) time would be a big help with finding that space to reflect, to express myself fully, and expand. Thanks for the give-away ladies!

  3. says

    My word for the year is Peace and meditation is one of my favorite ways to do it, but I fall out of practice all the time. I know I need the consistency but I just don’t give it to myself. Typical story. :)

  4. Su says

    Me! Me! I started meditating yesterday and already stopped today, so I’d love this course to keep with the practice. Yesterday and today, though, have been pretty amazing in terms of how I have been able to roll with the punches and flow in a way I have not experienced often. So, yeah, I firmly believe in mediation and its powers, now if I could only find a course to help me keep with it 😉

  5. Julie Barnes Maurer says

    This sounds wonderful! I’ve been reading and trying several types of meditation on my own lately. I’m very new to it! I prefer bouncing, climbing, running… However, I see the potential of great benefit if I could get better (and more consistent) at quieting my brain (instead of it always bouncing, climbing and running). I hope to be a part of your 30 days :)

  6. says

    I really feel like I could benefit a lot from meditation, basically because I can’t ever seem to organize my thoughts and get overwhelmed in my own head, not only by tasks, but also by fear and happiness, and trying to dig deep in to my core to find my creativity some days.

  7. Ruth says

    You know, I’ve been trying to get into a regular meditation practice for years. I just haven’t been able to make it happen. I think there is magic in it, but have yet to find it. As far as helping my creative career, I truly think that the focus that comes with the mindfulness of meditation will help me become laser focused rather than scattered in starting my business. Thanks ladies! xoxo

  8. says

    Michelle and Kate, this could not come at a better time for me. I used to have a meditation and mindfulness practice. The benefits of awareness and being able to feel what was coming up and addressing it were incredible! However, that was then. And this is now — my life is much more stressful than it ever was before. I am overwhelmed so much of the time. Reconnecting with meditation tools would help me be able to create a mental space where I can address what triggers me now. That way I can spend more time focusing on developing my creative talents and hopefully a creative career. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  9. says

    Ooo I have been fawning over this course since you first mentioned it so it would be SO awesome to get to be a part of it! I have such a hard time shutting my brain off for meditation and just finding the time for meditation when I have a four year old running around that it would be great to learn some tips on how to make it a regular practice. Thanks so much for the giveaway gals!!

  10. Annie says

    I’ve tried various types of meditation, but have never been able to establish a regular practice. I have a long creative to-do list this year, and I’ve been struggling with it so far because there are so many things clamoring for my attention that I just can’t seem to focus on one thing and get it done very often. I would love it if Kate’s course could help me get to that calm place more often!