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You know an interview has gone a-ha-inducing when you find yourself making notes while it’s happening. I didn’t want Laura to think me rude, but seriously, how could I not stop what I was doing to jot down the wise truthbombs she was dropping?

We got to talk about:

  • how she came to her “What the {bleep} am I doing?!” moment in her corporate finance job (and what she did to fix it)
  • how she found the Puzzle Pieces that led to 5 (!) different careers (and what she does to keep finding – and following! – them)
  • how she got up the nerve to leave her prestigious, high-paying job to travel the country in a converted school bus for a year (and what she had to be willing to hear in order to make it happen)
  • how she works as a life leadership coach *and* a partner of Nourish Charlotte, the city’s only local, vegan/vegetarian food delivery service (without her head exploding)

There’s so much goodness in here that I still have the fire lit under me from hearing Laura’s story and getting her Puzzle Pieces. Honestly, if you’re a Renaissance Soul and/or you don’t buy into the fact that careers only have to be “linear”, you’re gonna wanna watch this.

If you can’t see the video, click here so ya can! Prefer an MP3 to listen to instead? You can find one here.

These quotes from the talk are super tweet-worthy:

Click to tweet How to find your passionate career? @LifeLdrshpCoach says: “Follow the puzzle pieces.”

Click to tweet “You can do whatever you want – all you have to do is just decide to do it.” -@LifeLdrshpCoach

Click to tweet “There are many different ways to live and be happy” -@LifeLdrshpCoach

Next up? Tracy Matthews, a jewelry designer and yoga teacher. It’s gonna be the funnest!

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