Grown Up Gigs with Laura Neff (Life Leadership Coach + co-founder of Nourish Charlotte) tomorrow!


Thrilled thrilled thrilled to be gig-ing it up with Laura Neff tomorrow, February 7th, at 11:30a Pacific/2:30p Eastern. Laura is not only a coaching mentor of mine (she’s been Life Leadership Coach-ing for years and has credentials as long as my arm), but she’s the co-creator of Nourish Charlotte, an “incredibly healthy, delicious, local, whole, vegan/vegetarian” food delivery service. And can we say it’s sold out, um, all the time? Because it is.

You’ll find us right here, on the newest coolest live-streaming-co-hosting-ask-questions-chat-it-up–no-charge platform, Spreecast!

Can you tell I can’t wait? Because I totally can’t wait & I’m really bad at hiding it.

(And if you want the recording, sign up here & it’ll be in your Inbox before the end of the week. Score!)


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