Golden Ticket break!

Golden Ticket

I’ll be co-hosting it up for the very first Golden Ticket event on Saturday, February 2nd, and things are crazypants ’til then. Because there’s a lot of planning and fun to have,  I’m takin’ a blogging break, so things will be quiet ’round these parts for the rest of the week.

And you guys? It’s kind of blowing my mind a bit to think that there are women flying in from around the country to attend an event that I’m co-hosting. One of the attendees is already in NYC from Nevada and posting pics, and I see ’em on Instagram and Facebook and think, “She’s here because of Tanya and me.” You know what it feels like to create something with all your soul, and have it be part of you and then you share it with others and it’s a part of them, too? That’s what I’m feeling like. It’s the most amazeballs of all the amazeballs.

Can’t wait to share the pics and stories with you next week!

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