Kate Spencer’s Grown Up Gigs recording is now available!


Image by Jenipher at Cherry Runway

Despite the fact that Vokle was being a jerk & Kate and I had to switch to a (fabulous!) new platform at the last second, we had the most fun in our Grown Up Gigs chat. In our hour together, we went over:

  • how she found her dream career by building on her “thing” (which she didn’t find until her early 20s)
  • how “talking to my friends and making them laugh” can be Your Thing (that turns into a career!)
  • why/how blogging is important (if you love it) even when it doesn’t make you money directly
  • how she got hired by VH1.com (you’ll be surprised)
  • how she dealt with unsupportive people (and what’s our responsibility as creatives to say to the rest of the world)
  • when you should make your “thing” your career (and when it can just be your hobby)
  • what to do when lots of other people are doing what your Thing is (and doing it better!)

That’s seriously just the tip of the iceberg.

If you can’t see or play the video, click here to go directly to YouTube. Prefer an MP3 to listen to instead? You can find one here.

Resources for ya that were mentioned:

And tweetables (including the one above that Jenipher doodled!):

Click to tweet “We always think finding our passion has to be hard, but the easy thing can be your career”

Click to tweet “It took time to realize that what everyone else was doing didn’t work for me, yet I could be a success.”

Click to tweet “How to get your dream job? Find your community.”

We also announced our next guests right here, so check it out and mark your calendars through March. But next up is the co-founder of Nourish Charlotte + Life Leadership Coach Laura Neff on February 7th.


We’re having So. Much. Fun!

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