How to Have a Creative Career (in 3 Easy Steps!)

I’m here today to talk about how to have a creative career in 3 easy steps. While the steps will be easy to articulate and understand, I have to warn you that they’re all much easier said than done. So listen to them, absorb them, let them marinate and know that the only ways to start believing them is to do the work towards them. These are all mind-shift-y sort of things (while still being practical).

How’s that for a build-up? Click Play below to make your creative career dreams a reality (And apologies again  for the points where the sound doesn’t sync to the video very well. iMovie is so not my BFF right now).

Can’t see the video? Click here to watch it on YouTube.
Prefer to listen? Click here to get the MP3.

Things I mention:




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    That IS the big one.

    When I start to doubt that the life I want is possible, I just look around me. I see all these other people doing The Thing I hope to do, or their own thing that’s maybe just as cool (or, even cooler), and it reminds me that ANYTHING is possible. The only barriers holding us back are the ones we put up with our own minds.


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    “When you’re someone that has a lot of different passions, you have to have a career that speaks to that. ” → That’s gotta go into my quote collection.

    Love these tips, esp. “AND” – a mindshift you inspired with the Rules post!! Don’t always remember to think “and” but trying to catch myself. xoxo


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