I Quit My Day Job: The 34 Month Update!

I can hardly believe it, but it’s time for my I Quit My Day Job update. I do these myself every 3-ish months and it always feels like I just did it. I think time goes much faster when you’re 2 months shy of your 3rd Entrepreneuriversary! That snuck up on me super big time. Any ideas for a celebration? I’d love to hear how you’d wanna party with me!

Click Play below to hear all about what I’m working on in my 34th month (!) as a Woman of the World (aka full-time entrepreneur)! (And apologies for the points where the sound doesn’t sync to the video very well – I was having big time iMovie problems. Hopefully it ain’t too distracting!)

Can’t see the video? You can watch on YouTube here.
Prefer to listen to this update? You can find the MP3 here.

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