2012 By the Numbers (and what’s changed from last year)

Last year, I wrote this post, sharing my 2011 numbers in terms of where I spent my time and made my money. This year, I wanted to do the same because, well, so much has changed and it’s really helping me celebrate as well as shape my 2013 plans.

2012 Sales Can you read it OK? As is my way, I made this as a card for my Box o’ Business Brilliance, and because I made it myself off of my 2012 Types of Income Report from Outright, it’s definitely “handmade” – and possible a bit illegible. Here are the highlights:

In 2011, about 85% of my income was from personalized coaching, and I freaked because I knew I’d have to cut back on it.  In 2012, my personalized coaching made up for 54% of my income, and that’s fab for me as I really wanna diversify my offerings and income streams.

My Operations! (aka my group sessions) brought in the most money for me overall. I don’t think I really grasped this as I was going through the numbers month-to-month, as this was really surprising for me. I have to admit I wasn’t thrilled that my Operations! didn’t sell out last time around, and I wasn’t planning to run them again in 2013. I want to replace them with a different type of group coaching experience (it’s still percolating – promise to let you know when it’s been fully cooked!), and while I’m now nervous that I’m not running my Biggest Seller of 2012, I know now what I wanna aim for money-wise with the new offering. I think it has potential to make what I made this year and then some, plus be able to work with more people at a lower price point. I think it’s gonna be a win-win all around, and a way to evolve professionally.

Um, remember how I fought and fought for my Little Clubhouse That Could? I’m oh so glad I did, because it was my biggest non-coaching seller of 2012 and brought in 20% of my income for the year. I’m so glad I stuck to my heart-guts on that one.

You can’t tell from the image above, but I made $110.09 less than I made last year. With the uncertainty of being an entrepreneur and the way my income flucuated month to month (especially the 7-ish weeks I spent barely coaching), it was a bit freaky to be so on the nose with how much I made last year. Freaky and reassuring.

money by yr

I have been keeping a handmade Box o’ Business Brilliance card that shows where I landed financially each month since Jan 2010, but it’s gotten super sloppy and a bit tough to read. So, I created a new spreadsheet in Google Docs and represented each monthly income by writing the year in the box that lined up with the amount I put on the left-hand side. Does that make sense? Basically, what you see above doesn’t include the left hand column, which lists the actual money amount – but I think you can get the gist regardless. All I can say that August was, again, my killer month. 3 years in a row. It makes me wonder if it’s a chicken-or-the-egg type thing, though. Is it my best month because I offer something everyone wants then? Or because people wanna spend money then? That’s definitely something I’m gonna experiment with in 2013.

2012 Time

Above you’ll see my Time Breakdown for 2012. I love how Freckle does reports by project or tag or anything in between.

I loved seeing how my majority of 2012 was spent in Business Building. I always like the time I spend there, and it shows me how much I’m focused on growing and creating and working on When I Grow Up. It was weird, though, to see my client work fall into 2nd and 4th “place”, although if you put Operations and Private Clients together it would be where I spent the most time.

It also shows me that, um, I wanna be spending way less time than 221 hours over the course of the year on blogging and email. Oh hell no. That’s gotta stop. And ya know what I realized? I’ve been aiming to “just” answer email for 45 minutes a day – but 45 minutes a day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year is 195 hours overall! Just on email! I’m putting structures in place to cut that in half. It’s so on.

Overall, I worked 1,385 hours in 2012, which breaks down to 116 hours a month and then again to about 29 hours/week. I know with the year I had there were super heavy weeks where I worked lots and super light weeks where I barely had a couple hours, so this isn’t super surprising. I wish I had all my time tracking data for 2011 (I started using Freckle in April 2011), but based on my average month in 2011 I worked 288 hours less than last year and made just $110 less. That’s reassuring to me in a ton of different ways.

I feel like I should be wrapping up this post like I did last year, talking about where my clients and consultation call peeps come from, but I honestly don’t have the time right now to go through the numbers. It’s upsetting because it’s a direct correlation of my surgery – I had to move clients and calls around that would’ve been during my delicious 2012 “Review Week” – but I’m over it and just doing my best to take care of me and give myself some space. If I end up running those numbers and anything is surprising or worth sharing, I promise to let you know!


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