Announcing Grown-Up Gigs: the live video interview show!

Oh you guys, I’m so excited about this and I feel like it’s been a long time in development…y’know those ideas you have that are just little seeds in the back of your mind but lead you to keep it in your head because if you could just get a clearer picture of it you know it’d be something so exciting and perfect and do-able?

That’s what Grown-Up Gigs: The Live Video Interview Show is to me!


If you’ve been around these parts for a while, you might’ve been privy to the first incarnation of Grown-Up Gigs, which lived as a series here from Nov 2009-Dec 2011. I so wanted to bring to the forefront the people who were working in creative professions…following their dreams and making it happen in their passionate career, but as grown-ups, yaknowwhatImean? I interviewed interior designers and best-selling authors and artists and party planners and rappers and highlighted pizza firetrucks and lego artists and…I loved it, but it always got a bit of a lackluster response with views and comments and whatnot. So I posted my last Grown-Up Gigs interview in Dec 2011…or so I thought.

In 2013, I’ll be going back to my roots as The When I Grow Up Coach (yes, there’ll be a longer post about that next month), and what I mean by that is: I won’t rest until all creative types can see the possibility in making a grown-up living doing what they love. I’m here to help creatives discover what it is they could do that they’d be passionate about, and a big part of that is knowing – really knowing, really trusting – that others have done it. Are doing it. As grown-ups. Without day jobs. Or trust funds.

I wanna talk to those people. I wanna send that message. I wanna know how they discovered their passionate career, and how they’re making it work as grown-ups. There will be talk about money. There will be talk about experience. There will be talk about paths (not) taken and lessons learned and there will be time for live Q&A, too.

You can mark your calendars now for my first guest on Tuesday, Jan 8th at 11a Eastern: men’s style blogger, syndicated columnist & freelance writer Megan Collins!



We’ll be at this url, and if you RSVP via Vokle they’ll be so sweet as to send you a reminder. But of course, I’ll be reminding ya, too. I’ll also be recording it, but haven’t decided yet how/when to get that to ya…so just make sure you’re there on January 8th at 11am Eastern. I’ll have a new guest for ya every two weeks for the foreseeable future. It’s gonna be the funnest!

Doing what you love and being a grown-up….it’s not only possible, but it’s happening.



  1. Julie Maurer says

    Please let me know when you post the recorded interview!!! I’ll be working at time of the show.


    • michelle says

      Will do! Not sure yet how I’ll deliver it, but if you follow me anywhere on the Internets you’ll be updated for sure.

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