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Y’know, I coulda sworn that I did one of these last year, but I searched and searched through my blog archives and found…nada. I found 2011 By the Numbers  but only 2010 By the Month…ah well, what can ya do? Apparently it stuck in my head because I felt the need to take time out of my eating-chocolate-chip-cookies-for-lunch-and-watching-hours-upon-hours-of-Downton-Abbey schedule and look back on my year in this way.

I described this process in 2010 as “part memory book, part growth-chart of my business”, but without even writing anything yet I know that there’ll be personal stuff here, too. I think I need to see, on paper, everything 2012 consisted of – all my family has been through, all we’ve endured, all we’re fought against.

It’s important for me to reflect on it, to see it, to honor it, to share it, and, um, to link to it. No pressure on your end, though :)

Jan 2012

Feb 2012

  • had my 2nd lumpectomy, the results of which led to me writing and recording I’m Getting New Boobs
  • started schmemo on Valentine’s Day (that was so romantic)
  • wrote True Story: I Gave Up On My Dream for Yes & Yes
  • offered An Effective Escape: Leaving Your Day Job Without Living In Your Parent’s Basement as a virtual workshop

March 2012

April 2012

  • led Unveiling Your Uniquity (& How the Heck It Applies To Your Passionate Career) as a virtual workshop
  • re-launched my Clubhouse
  • last round of schmemo

May 2012

June 2012

July 2012

August 2012

Screen shot 2012-12-23 at 4.54.43 PM

September 2012

October 2012

November 2012

TDOY cover_frame

  • worked through the Initial Author Review of The Declaration of You
  • re-opened the doors to the Clubhouse
  • announced that I’ll be speaking at the Spark retreat in 2013 (with Alexandra Franzen, Erika Lyremark & Dyana Valentine!)
  • started the Golden Ticket program
  • spoke with Laura Simms about protecting yourself as a solopreneur

December 2012

I’m not gonna lie – I’ve been hard on myself lately. I’ve fallen into the trap I help so many of my clients escape – being “enough.” I didn’t make “enough”, I didn’t do “enough”, I didn’t try hard “enough”…but this? Everything above? It’s proof. Proof that “enough” doesn’t exist, that I was faced with ridiculous odds this year and still grew, still created, still shone and still thrived. And with my word for 2013 being Space, I’ll be setting myself up for more of the same.

Enough pressure. Enough crowdedness. It’s enough. I’m enough. And 2012? Enough!



  1. says

    Michelle, way to KILL IT while battling with cancer. Seriously girl. And on top of that you remained incredibly generous. (I was a recipient of said generosity) Way to live by example – you’re inspiring the pants off everyone and I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store. :)

  2. says

    Enough? Yes! I am amazed at how much you accomplished, and battled (and conquered) cancer, too. I am so glad to have been a part of your first Extensive Intensive (still one of the best days of my life) Wishing you a happy, healthy, space-filled, 2013!

  3. says

    Giving yourself more space next year, no doubt will help give you all that you need so you can come out of this past year’s challenges shining brighter than you ever have if that is even possible. You are one amazing and inspiring young woman.

    I love this blog post and how you re-captured all that you did by the month in 2012 while faced with cancer. Wishing for 2013 to be filled with all the amazing goodness in the world that you so deserve. xoxo

  4. says

    Michelle – you are such an amazing and gifted woman. What you endured with the surgeries and schemos and still put so much love and energy into your business is monumentally inspiring.

    I’m so grateful that I found you and the Clubhouse this year. Thank you for all that you do for us.

    And, so excited to hear you are treating yourself to a vacation for your birthday.

    Sending big hugs and smooches!


    • michelle says

      So ridiculous…but it’s just who I am and how I operate. Definitely want more space and less accomplishment-based satisfaction – it’s a work in progress for sure.

  5. says

    This is such a great breakdown of your year. You did so fabulous! I know you’ve been doing so much but it’s good to have it all in one place as a reference. I caught up on some of the highlighted blog posts and there are still some more I want to re-read. Thank you, Michelle, for being such an inspiring cheerleader for all us creative peeps. *Big Hugs* Have a happy New Year and enjoy your well deserved vacation in Jamaica!!

  6. says

    Kudos to you!!
    And what a great idea to keep track like this – we so often forget all the steps we take all year long… I’m def gonna share this concept with my artist group – thanks!

    • michelle says

      Yay! So glad – spread it around. I’m actually planning to add this to my “Rousing Review” Day so I can look back on the past month in the moment. Think it’ll be so helpful that way.

  7. says

    Thanks for sharing – so blown away and motivated by all your activities and success! Glad you re-posted your response to Leo – I missed that one and was happy to read it. Go girl!

  8. Cindy says

    Just sent you an email an hour ago, then found your website/ blog, and just gotta say…I’ve only been peeking around for about 10 minutes and I’m already lovin’ ya girl! I’ve stumbled on something truly awesome and I look forward to including you in my awesome new year 2013. I wish you the best and may your success continue to flourish and grow like crazy. Take care <3

  9. says

    What a great way to document the year — now I’m feeling motivated to create my own list and start adding bullet points.

    Thank you for including the successes as well as the rejections. It is SO refreshing to see an honest look at others’ marketing efforts :)


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