The Declaration of You book update! (Spoiler alert: You can buy it, like, right now!)

If you follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter (and if not, please do – I’d love to be connected!), you might’ve noticed a whole lot of Squee-ing a few weeks ago. That’s because my book with Jessica Swift is totally available for pre-sale on Amazon. Um, that means people are buying it right now. OK, maybe not right now-right now, but they have been buying it already (they told us!) and they will be buying it again.

I die.

Here’s the cover!

Canyastand it? I’ve been gazing at it for a while now and still have to pinch myself with how great it turned out and how real it is. I mean, the book itself won’t be released until July, so it’s kinda surreal (and unexpected!) that we’re able to even see this much as early as November.

Just to give you a sense of our timeline here, Jess and I had the initial call with North Light Craft Books last October (of 2011), submitted a proposal in November, was offered the deal late January (you can read more of that story right here), had to deliver half the book mid-May and the rest in early September – and now we just passed our deadline for our Initial Author Review. We were both sent a huge, undesigned manuscript and had to pour through it and submit any changes. This is only the left side of it (and my trusty green pen that I took my notes with):

Jess and I each spent a couple of hours going through it separately, and then spent a powerhouse of a day together (thanks to Skype!) consolidating our thoughts and making editorial changes big and small. It’s now back in the hands of our trusty editor (hi Tonia!), and the next manuscript we get sent will actually be fully designed! Double squee!

Here are some fun pics we took when Jess and I were working together on the crafty projects, since, um, we’re also the photographers for the book (we didn’t think that was gonna end so well, but the pics look great in the manuscript we have now!).

(l-r: me posing with our collage materials; a crafty project gone terribly, terribly wrong; Jess and our assistant photographer, her cat Juneau!)

I’ll keep you posted – promise!



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    Whenever I’m feeling down or crabby, all I need to do is look at that photo of you with the green paper over your face. It kills me every time and I can’t not laugh! Haha. WE WROTE A BOOOOOOOOOK! xoxo

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