The Golden Rules

A funny thing happens when you spend over 100 hours with someone. You start to pick up on language that gets repeated. Like, over and over again.

For us, that was “What’s The Golden Ticket way?” (among other things). It was a mainline to decisive clarity.

And once we said it for probably the 20th time, we sat back and asked: well, what IS the Golden Ticket Way? And all at once, we realized that we had been operating from the unuttered list of 10 Commandments: aka The Golden Rules.

And know what? We think they’re pretty unique, fabulous, useful and helpful (which, well, happens to be part of The Golden Ticket way) to any and all creative female entrepreneurs. And going with that theme, we’ve decided to create a free download for you to live by The Golden Rules yourself. Click here to find out what they are and claim them for your own.

But the buck (or in this case, the gold bullion) doesn’t stop there. We’re going to be on a live video chat this Wednesday, October 24th at 3p Eastern to dig into these Golden Rules, how they’ve served us (and will serve us in our own businesses), and share how they can apply in to YOUR business. You can mark it on your calendars with this link.

We’re so delighted to share this with you.


As of this morning, there are only 19 Golden Tickets left. Claim yours here.




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