The Importance of Video for Entrepreneurs

Have you heard me tell you how much I think video has been a game-changer in my business? If I haven’t said so in so many words, I should have, because it’s absolutely the truth. Vlogging and About videos go a step further in connecting/resonating with people you wanna form a relationship with (potential colleagues + clients + collaborators), and honestly, I hope every relationship-building entrepreneur gets comfy enough in front of the camera to speak to their audience from the heart. Monica McCarthy of Show & Tell Stories (yes, she who was behind my new + greatly improved About Me video) is here to give you her take on The Importance of Video for Entrepreneurs.

Monica McCarthy has over a decade of experience on camera as a professional actress in both Los Angeles and New York City. She recently opened her own boutique production company to help entrepreneurs, artists, coaches, and business owners create engaging videos for their websites. You can find her at and tweeting away @MissMMcCarthy. Her 6-week online course, Close-Up & Personal, is guaranteed to get you on-camera ready and starts October 21.



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    Thanks for this great video, Monica and Michelle! It’s so nice to know that using basic tools like my iPhone are still okay to start out with. As I’m still working on getting up my courage to do a video, I find they’re getting slicker and more professional looking which just makes it more intimidating. So I appreciate these simples steps. Also looking forward to taking your class!

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      Absolutely! The secret sauce is getting comfortable where you are RIGHT NOW. The bells and whistles can wait and you’ll be far happier with the final product. So thrilled to see your smiling face in class!

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      I feel the same way about videos Anne. You’re so right… so many out there look so great and it being intimidating for a beginner, but I have to remind myself that they started out somewhere too. One day my videos will be as good as theirs will be. Good luck to you!

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    Thanks Monica and Michelle. I’ve signed up for Monica’s online class and I want so much to make videos, but have a huge (nonexistent) hurdle in the way. Myself. I have a lot to say and I’m really needing to know how to start slow and cheap, but I feel it also needs to look decent. $$$$ looms in my head when I think about videos. Time and frustration when I think about learning how to edit. There you go.

  3. Rachel Joyce says

    Oh boy…I can’t even manage to get a picture on my website. I better get myself together and do pictures AND video!

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    My issue with video is that I can be long winded because I want to provide something really useful and valuable. I have to constantly cut it down and remember that one helpful point is all I need to make per video.

    Another problem that I feel like I’m facing is that a lot of other creative business coaches out there are using video so I’m not sure if it’s something I should do because that would just be more of the same… although I know video rocks. I was thinking maybe podcasting would be the way to go to differentiate my business. Any thoughts on that??

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      Hi Meagan!

      Great question. Here is my two cents: Yes, more and more people are adding video to their websites… but that’s because they are effective! Yours will be different from theirs because YOU are different from them- just like your creative coaching business is different from theirs.

      I also really encourage people to spend time exploring various formats. If you don’t want to do a weekly Q&A because you feel it is overdone, then what about showcasing a weekly success story? Or creating your own “creative business in the news” show? The options are endless.

      As far as podcasts go, that is totally personal preference. Just make sure you choose the direction your gut tells you:)

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    Thanks Monica, this is so helpful and so unintimidating! I should start shooting videos for practice, and as soon as I come up with something I’m brave enough to share online, I will :)

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      Thanks, Leslie! The key to going from “should” practice to “am practicing” is scheduling into your week. Can’t wait to see what you create!:)


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