Tough (Question) Tuesday: What’s going to happen to you?

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Luke and I had an exchange the other day that stemmed from me not getting enough sleep. Now, I’m a 33-year-old-woman who can still sleep for 12 hours at a stretch if I’m not woken up, so when I get anything less than 6 or 7 hours, I’m down for the count. I always wake up exhausted, poopy, and just plain whiney – all extremely attractive characteristics. I ended up whining to Luke soon after waking up one of these mornings, “What’s gonna haaaaaaaappen to me? Is this real life?”

Later that day, after I got some energy/caffeine, I asked Luke, “What’s going to happen to us?” I asked him earnestly, and asked him to tell me a story. He told me all about the rest of our life, and it was lovely in the strangest, sweetest, funniest way.

I want you to write that story for yourself. Start from today and have it cover the next 50+ years, even in just a few sentences. You can do it.

What’s going to happen to you?




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    Live well traveled & happily married, waking up to every morning with a happy heart because I'll be my own boss and working hard for myself and the good of my own business and not the good of someone else's.

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    I’ll be a serial entrepreneur, and the proceeds of my businesses will fund a think tank to support research/start ups by Passioneers that seek to solve multi-faceted problems faced by society. And, preferably, I’ll do it with 7-9 hours of sleep a night, and very few mornings that start before 10am. Looks like we’re twins in that regard! 😀

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    I'm going to live a life of simplicity. I'm going to not strive for materialism, and I'm going to be happy with the experiences the hubby and I choose for ourselves. I'm going to have three beautiful kids who are going to drive me crazy, but who will be the apple of my eyes. I'm going to be a writer. I'm going to eat good wholesome food and exercise daily. I'm going to qualify for the crossfit games and I'm going to publish my novel.

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    Loved readiing this and I love that image!
    My life:
    I will fill my life with things that make me happy and only the people that love and support me. Only the people that show me they love me. I've been too disappointed in my life by ppl I thought should be there, but weren't. Time to focus on the ppl that do take the time. I'm gonna live with my hubby and our dog, have two older daughters that love and adore me and visit me when they can.. and one day hubby and I will live on Tybee Island in GA by the sea. I will run my own creative business and be a vibrant part of the local community. I will write my book and finally get it published. I want to tell my story and inspire others by the life I've lived and the art that has saved me. xo


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