A Fresh Coat of Amazeballs

If you’ve swung by the site recently, ya might’ve noticed it’s been given a fresh coat of paint amazeballs (if you’re like me and swear by your Google Reader, then come on by!). If you’ve been here before, you might remark, “I don’t notice nothin’! It all looks the same to me!” And….you’d be right. While I wanted to site to look the same (Bekky Pollock knocked it out of the park when she designed it for me back at the end of 2010), I wanted to switch the platform over to WordPress from html. While my blog’s been running on WordPress since the beginning of time this site, the rest of the site only got updated when I forced my husband to sit in a chair and update it for me. So not a cool, wife-y thing to do. Thankfully, Brian Perry hit it out of the park in transferring everything over without a hitch, and while it was finished a few weeks ago, I’ve been making some updates in the meanwhile simply ’cause I can! Here’s what’s new:

  • My About Me page has expandable sections, so you can easily get to The Short Story, The Long Story, The Third-Person Story, The Video Story, and The Long-ish (But Worthwhile to Read!) Story
  • My Services page has been retitled Offerings, and has sub-menus for Personalized Coaching (working one-on-one and in small groups), Workbooks (get your Operation: Creative Career Cheer! and Declaration of You here!), E-Course (a new Declaration of You starts this fall!) and Speaking (love it, need it, want more of it).
  • My Testimonials page has been split to Personalized Coaching and Operations!, so you can read the feedback based on the service of mine you’re interested in.
  • An updated Press page with even more expandable sections (oh yes, I’m in a Bodacious Book now)!
  • A Resources page that contains the Electronic Resources I Revel In, Eye Opening Exercises and People/Products I Pimp. I’m still working on this, so it’ll only get better!
  • Finally, you’ll see that the blog has a few new buttons in the sidebar – sponsors! If you’re interested in gettin’ onboard, then contact me for the deets. I promise it’s super affordable and easy-breezy. And speaking of sponsors…..my first three are:


From Tara: Tara Sroka Designs offers various graphic design services, resources for photographers, custom scrapbooks and invitations.

From Michelle: You can visit her website, read her blog (such design inspiration there!), “like” her on Facebook or friend her on Twitter!



From Maggie: Maggie Rose Interiors is based in Seattle, WA. We specialize in creating homes that feel like home – layered, collected, and designed with  your taste and  your family in mind. We love to mix flea market finds with designer fabrics and beautiful art. We’ll help you form a vision for your home,  and bring it to  life!

From Michelle: You might remember Maggie from her Grown-Up Gigs feature last week, too! You can find Maggie on her (newly designed!) website,  bloggin‘ in up, tweetin‘ it up, and Facebookin‘ it up!


From Michelle: To be honest, this is the ad that kicked the others into gear! I finally got an email asking about ad availability for “a printing company that  makes nice calendars and party invitations, amongst other things.” I’ve been contacted about ad space before, but usually for hot tubs and other such  nonsense that doesn’t belong here. But this seemed like a great fit! I was surprised to see that the printing company was Vistaprint (I was expecting more  of a Mom-and-Pop-ish place), but since I’ve been a Vistaprint-er for years, I was happy to support them (and have them support me!). And for serious,  never go to Vistaprint without checking out Coupon Cabin first.

Anything you want out of the site? Anything you’d like me to offer and I’m, well, not? Let me know – I’d be happy to hear it!



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    Congrats on your fresh coat of amazeballs, Michelle! Your site looks great and I am sure both you & Luke are happy that you can now make the website changes as needed.

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