Exposing my Mondo Beyondo Dreams in A Summer Camp for Grown-ups (aka My World Domination Summit Take-Aways)

I’ve been home for almost 48 hours, but it’s taken me that long to get my thoughts together on the World Domination Summit I attended this weekend. It took me about 2 hours to even tell my husband about it, because there was so much to share I didn’t know where – or how! – to start. So, I spared you that and waited until things settled. You’re welcome.

I mention a whole lotta people in this video, and I wanted to link to it all as well as the people who made the weekend so special for me (mucho apologies if I left anyone out!):

Apologies for the au natural look here, too. It got up to 95 degrees today, and make-up didn’t wanna have anything to do with my face.



If your dream career you wanna assess,
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If your dream career you wanna assess,
then enter to win my illustrated, rhyming career change workbook on Yes & Yes!



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    I am having a very similar experience now that I'm home, and I'm spending a lot of time thinking about how I can maintain the feelings I left WDS with for the coming year. Being with all those people (and finally getting to meet you!) felt like stepping into my life.

    I'll see you there next year…and hopefully this summer in NYC!

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    Girrrlll I hear ya! I almost called you today to be like, hey, can we go get a drink, cuz I totally wanted to make sure last weekend actually happened! So glad we live in the same city!!

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    Totally get how you feel but it is even more of a testament to the experience. We are in it together!!!!

    PS Never apologize for not wearing makeup. You is gorgeous!

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    I had such an amazing time & it was so great meeting you! And getting to talk for more than approximately 10 seconds 😉 The atmosphere of the summit in general was amazing and meeting so many people, and ah, the hugs! All of the content and inspiration was great, but I definitely think my favorite thing was the connection with the speakers and with fellow summit-goers.

    PS: Next year, we should totally get as many awesome ladybloggers in one room of the hostel as possible and have a WDS slumber party 😉

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    Watching this video brought back all of the feelings from the past weekend. I'm *still* trying to process everything I've felt – I really feel like my world has completely changed.

    Loved, loved, loved meeting you in person. And I love how you're exactly how I imagined you'd be!

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    Hey, beautiful. I just love that we shared this experience. I'll always treasure seeing your beaming face for the first time live and in person. Way to own those big Mondo Beyondo dreams. Great things are coming! I've always seen that in you :)

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    Michelle! This was fabulous!!

    It gave me happy chills…and definitely inspiration! i'd LOVE to be at one of these amazing conferences one day…its def. been on my vision board! the feelings….the awesome feelings behind the true meaning of these conferences are amazing…i def. need to make this happen sooner than later! gotta find my tribe!! thanks so much for posting this review!! INSPIRING and MOTIVATING!!

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    Love the video! I hope to make it to the WDS next year! But in this post and video you have helped me decide to take the Mondo Beyondo class!

    Thanks for the inspo!


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