About Me: The Video!

Yup. I’m video happy.

Ever since I got such an incredibly amazeballs response to my video announcing the scholarship winner, I’ve gone a bit nuts. I created a YouTube channel complete with Nancy the Ballerina Nurse & Bruce the Strumming Businessman (those are my logo people) as the wallpaper, & made a video for each group coaching session I’m offering to my scholarship applicants. And no, you can’t see ’em if you’re not a scholarship applicant (if you are, the link’ll come with my personal email)- they’re hidden because YouTube is cool like that. But what you can see is an About Me video I made for the scholarship applicants, but realized I didn’t need to keep it private. Since there seem to be a lot of new peeps here lately, I put on my Genius Cap & the lightning bolt hit: put it on my blog! Here it is:

If you wanna keep your eyes on/subscribe to my channel, it’s right here.

Please feel free to let me know a bit more about you in the comments section. Also, let me know if it’s too damn long. God forbid I talk for under 8 minutes. Jeez Louise Louise.

So glad you’re here!


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