Great Giveaway: “Nice to Meet You” Print from Artsyville!

Aimee Myers Dolich is one of those beautiful blogging goddesses whose art & words you laugh at/love/covet, a woman who you wish would pick you out of the commenting crowd & say, “You. Be my friend.” Well, lucky me – somehow, that’s happened! Like the other members of my tribe I’ve found via the Interwebs, I don’t know what led me to Aimee, but my comments on her blog led to emails from her in my Inbox, & she’s now the #1 reason I want to go to Kansas.

When I contacted Aimee last week to request her pimping of my scholarship, she went above & beyond & offered to sponsor a giveaway on my blog to introduce me to her readers & to add to the awesomeness. She then pointed me to a new “doodle” (don’t you love how she calls these beautiful works of art “doodles”?) & told me that she had me in mind when she was working on it, & thought it would be perfect as a gift to my readers.

She was oh so right. See?


So leave a comment by 11:59p on Thurs, Apr 29th telling us what the best thing is that you do for your soul, & you’ll be entered to win! I’ll pick a winner via & will announce it right here on Fri the 30th. Until then, give up the scavenger hunt of a soul search & look beside you. Hippy-dippy but true.


1 person. 12 session. $0. Announcing the 2nd Annual When I Grow Up Scholarship!

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  1. says

    What a lovely print!

    The best thing I do for my soul: flip through pictures of the kids. It reminds me that all of the soul-excavation and search for truth and authenticity is not just about me, but it's about making sure that I can lead my children and serve them better. And they are so flippin' cute I can't help be get into a better mood looking at all those baby smiles.

  2. says

    The best thing you can do for your soul is fail. Make colossal mistakes. Embrace those mortifiying blunders. Suck. Trip, fall down, get up, notice everyone was indeed watching and go "Yup, I just ate it."

    We live in such a results-oriented society where we are told we're only as good as that A+ on our report card from such an early age, or if we get first place. Oh, the things we have to unlearn as grown ups.

    For me, the great thing about failure is it's really a success. I always learn more from them than I do successes. And whether or not you want, the next time you get up, whether it's in performing, work, or love – you are going to do better. And it's during this process of failure, retry, failure, you learn to respect the resilience within you and truly get to know your soul's DNA. The one no one else has.And the one that makes you, you.

  3. says

    I looooooooooooove Aimee so much!! SHe's one of my favorite blog-land friends. :) For my soul, I go on walks. Long walks. I love being in nature, looking at the trees and the flowers and the sky. You and Aimee are a match made in heaven! This giveaway is just perfect.

  4. says

    I LOVE Aimee's work – in fact I've got some prints just waiting to be framed!

    The best thing I do for my soul: continue to carve out time for my art. I've turned it into a business of sorts, but I really don't make money at it…so sometimes I feel like throwing up my arms and saying why bother! But I know that for years I craved for the time, space, and supplies to do my art, and my little business makes all of that possible in this horrible economy – so I keep on keeping on because I remember the days when I didn't have the time, space, and supplies to do my art, and i was much unhappier then!

  5. michele says

    sigh. how lovely that print is….the colors are soothing and the words perfect.

    what do I do for my soul? *forgive* myself and others on an ongoing basis.

  6. says

    me too! me too! i love aimee too! and i loved that doodle when she posted it last week. i've heard many nice things about you too, michelle. best thing i do for my soul….hmm….usually a few minutes on the dock watching for dolphins does the trick. now that i think about it, water in general does the trick. i've lived my entire life less than 45 minutes from the beach and whenever i need a lift, just a few moments staring at the great blue sea does it. i'll be stopping in at your blog more often now. good stuff here!

  7. says

    I found your site through Artsyville and was pleased to see her work here. This is a great piece of hers. In the spare time that I have I love to make journals and then fill them up with collage and experimental work and just endless rambling. My other great joy is taking the dogs on long forest rambles. Thanks for the opportunity!

  8. says

    Glad to have found you through Artsyville. Aimee is such an inspiration. Hmm…there are SO many things I've finally figured out are good for my soul… Writing, drawing, long meals with friends, a good book, afternoon naps…. but probably the most important is walking and praying… praying and walking… It's when my soul takes a deep breath and says "ah." Thanks!

  9. says

    There are lots of things that help feed my soul (nature, art, writing, reading, creating things, meditation, cooking, listening to music, dancing, BEING with the children)…but when my soul is really starving, and I feel like I am drowning, nothing works like the beach. Sitting there, just being. Smelling, tasting, feeling, touching, looking. The beach brings my soul back to me calm and full.

  10. says

    thank you michelle and everyone else who has stopped by here! i have to say walks and water do it for me, too… not that i see much water here in kansas. xo

  11. Holly Waldrop says

    The best thing I do for my soul is to blow soap bubbles for the dogs to chase. Well, actually, I chase them, too.

    I LOVE Aimee's work. I even ran across it, completely by accident, on a recent trip to Lawrence! Would love to have a print of hers.


  12. Meg says

    I landed here on a click from Artsyville. Becasue of Aimee, I want to move to Lawrence KS! I wanted to be an artist/illustrator when I was young, but my parents wouldn't pay for college unless I majored in something through which I could support myself. I ended up in law school and practiced law for about 16 years, then worked in the corporate world for 2. I'm now regrouping and figuring out where to go next. I take care of my soul by spending time with friends who "get" me and by laughing with my kids. I also find yoga to be very soul-refreshing.

  13. says

    I landed here through the talented and amazing Aimee. What feeds my soul? Wow, the list is too long. But it's only been since I reached the wondrous age of 40 that I even started a list… Until then I wandered aimlessly in my life and career. I continue to be a nomad in the employment world, but I'm hoping to change that soon. It's so easy to encourage others to be whatever they want to be and not so easy to encourage yourself. It's been only recently that I turned around and said "hey, nice to meet you" but also added, "thanks for the push".

  14. says

    The best nourishment for my soul is drawing and painting and closing a busy day snuggled up with my August and Owen. Oh and watching the birds. I could really go on and on I'm feeling pretty lucky(:

    And yes Aimee is fabulous! She was my first blog friend and to this day I still get excited to see what she is up to. Wonderful things are always going on in Artsyville!

  15. michelle says

    I just found you! And I'm sooooo thrilled! Leaped over from Artsyville, which is one simple pleasure I indulge – just for my soul's sake! How funny that this idea is your focus, since I've been soul-searching as I think I'm ready for a life-changing career change. Even from about 8 years old, I'd line up my cousins and my poor brother to play school, but being my bossy little self, I was ALWAYS the teacher. Guess what I am now? A kindergarten teacher that thinks it's about time to grow up and be something that fulfills my grown-up desires and dreams. Teaching was a great profession as my own kids grew up, with steady income through a divorce and realigning our family into a new family. Now that my nest is empty, I'm thinking it's my turn to take care of me! So, for my soul, I'm enjoying wearing funky clothes, playing LOUD music, deep breathing, and telling myself I can throw a 2-year-old-temper-tantrum (just keep it in my head) and dream sexy, flirty dreams of my own independence! It's good to be me right now!

  16. says

    I so love that piece of work, it reflects exactly what's gone on inside me all these years. Isn't it wonderful when you see something put into words, so beautifully, that you weren't even aware you felt? Aimee is an awesome artist.

    The best thing I've done for my soul is to LOOK. Really LOOK around me, and see all the beauty – I did some art exercises that were in a book from the library, and it opened the world to me. With all the searching and turmoil going on inside me, sometimes I can get stuck there – learning how to look took me right out of that, and helped me to see the beauty in the every day moments.

  17. says

    my first thought of the best thing i do for my soul was to create, & while that's true, a whispering knowing seemed to rise above even that lovely one of getting quiet. i did that for a window yesterday & it made all the difference in how i felt & what i offered to others.

    as for aimee & the giveaway, i adore them both.

    this particular doodle is a gallon of gorgeous.

    thank you for the offering. x

  18. says

    Oh yes, I'm here because of Aimee also! I discovered her just a few days ago, and what great timing…. because the best thing I've done for my soul lately is to start listening to it. It's been telling me to be an Artist. With the capital "A". And once I started listening, all kinds of encouraging signs started popping up… Artfest, Aimee, an encouraging network of friends, Jennifer Lee's business course, and now…YOU! (Now I need to go back and look at those career tests I took, because I SWEAR that concrete mixer was somewhere in those ridiculous results. I think I'll go with Artist. :)

  19. says

    For the care and feeding of my soul, I need to write, to smell fresh air, to watch birds dance around, to create, to read and to just take the time to breathe. Thank you for allowing me to share!

  20. says

    I love Aimee's doodleprint and was happy she linked here. The best thingS I do for my soul include sketching and anything creative and taking time to just be relaxed like taking a walk in the woods and often combining the two.

  21. says

    I love Aimee's work and it is wonderful to find your blog as well. My soul time is spent with paints, brushes, and creating anything I can find into a useable piece of art. I love to peruse thrift stores and garage sales, looking for castoffs that I can reclaim and give it a second life. I love to use bright colors. I live in the Pacific Northwest and the rainy season seems to last longer and longer every year. Several years back I started painting my own sunshine and it helps to keep soul lifted and feeling joy!

  22. says

    The best thing I do for my soul is create. And to do that while being my true self (harder than it sounds, for me). And then to get together with other soulmates (thankfully the number is increasing) and just jabber about ideas, do show-and-tells, encourage them and allow them to encourage me. I just get extremely excited when feeding others or being fed creatively.

  23. Bonnie says

    I started taking care of myself a while ago by saying "no" to roles I did not want to play and people I did not want to be with. I'm still working at finding what's worth saying "yes" to.

  24. says

    I have really enjoyed your blog. This is my first time here, but I will be back! The best thing I do for my soul is paint/create. I can really tell the difference in my outlook on life when I have spend time with a paint brush in my hand!

  25. says

    I am nourished by the scent of vanilla, crispy clean sheets, and reaching for one of the many books stacked in my room. A little drawing every day. And journaling. Helps me make sense of busy days.

  26. says

    I adore her art beyond words. The best thing I do for my soul is to remember I am it…I am my soul in a body, I am not a body with a soul, and I try to act accordingly. It keeps me in a place of gratitude and faith. It's my first visit to your blog and I like it very much. :)

  27. Katie M says

    Beautiful and inspiring artwork!

    For my soul: Bake food and share it with others. Cooking therapy fills my house with great smell, provides nourishment and the act of sharing a great meal with someone else nourishes the need to connect.

  28. says

    Oooh the soul stuff. Love reading inspirational books & goodness & then using that inspiration in my own journal or crafting. The great outdoors. Just letting things just be sometimes, instead of struggling to always improve or push or change. Meditating. Catching myself in a spiral of comparison (oh the intrawebs can be nasty for this sometimes!) and simply stopping by remembering "We are each enough."

    Thanks you foxy ladies you!

  29. Abbie says

    The best thing I do for my soul? Stop trying so hard to figure things out and just be… like the artwork implies :)

  30. Nadine Steidl says

    A bit of a last-minute entry! I, too, am grateful to Aimee at Artsyville for pointing me in this direction– I plan to bookmark this site as "When I Grow Up…".
    The best thing that I do for my soul is to sit and be quiet with myself. I have gained so much peace and insight from those times that I make to "do nothing" that I make them a non-negotiable daily item on my To-Do list. Many times, I find that I can free my mind by doodling (not as beautiful as Aimee's–Alas) or laughing until my whole body tingles! Really!
    I'll be back– The Minx

  31. Michelle B. says

    The one consistent thing that I've done for my soul is "mother" myself. I have – over the years – learned how to be the mother I never had (which heals all the broken places) and have also learned how to be a good mother to my wonderful children. Whenever I am feeling frustrated, defeated, alone, not good enough, etc., I reflect about how well I've been really nurturing ME!!! I then go about my business taking care of me – it works like a charm – every time…..


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