My Last Day of Corporate America = Free Downloads for You!

KOM Spring

A poem by moi, inspired by The First Day of Spring, which is tomorrow (also titled Damn You, Wool Hat – Never Again!) & my Last Day of Corporate America, which is today (also titled Damn You, Cubicle – Never Again!):

Let’s pack up a picnic & go on our way! Today is such a wonderful, beautiful day!

Isn’t today just perfect to play? Whaddya think, whaddya say?

I might go to the beach, oh I just may. Today is a spectacular, fabulous day!

To life I say, “Yes! Now! OK!” What do you think? What do you say?

All the gray clouds have been chased away. Today is a sun-derful, fun-derful day!

All day long, outside I will stay. What a perfectly, prettily, beautiful day!

I just can’t help it – isn’t today the most wonderful day? I have to say that I was inspired by the Spring set of Affirmation Cards on Kind Over Matter! That’s right – in honor of spring, us Spring ladies joined forces with Kind Over Matter to offer you 36 downloadable affirmations – 6 from each of us. You can download mine here (spoiler: one of the lines of my poem above made it in!),  but don’t forget to visit Kind Over Matter to get your hands on Jess, Jess LC & Carolyn’s affirmations along with the special Spring Affirmations Card Holder (also free & downloadable!).

So, you see now that the question of whether this is the most wonderful day is a hypothetical one, right?

P.S. Don’t think I’m wussing out on sharing my Last Day of Corporate America feelings/thoughts/tears with ya. I’ll so be back with a big fat post and/or a video this weekend or early next week. Promise. Today, I just wanna bask.



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    Congratulations Michelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (I feel like I can't get enough exclamation points on that!!)

    You're poem is awesome!!

    YOU are awesome!!!!

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      Aw you guys…thank you so, so much! Reading your comments totally brings tears to my eyes. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm & encouragement!

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      Rachel, Your site is so sweet! Thanks for commenting & for linking to me there – yay! And thanks, too for the congrats. It's been over a week now & I still can't quite believe that I don't have to go back there!

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