When I Grow Up Round-Up!


Oh, the places I’ve gone/have been/will go! And here they are!

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A few weeks ago, I was emailed by Ana of Red Dress Studios to answer the question, “What advice would you give to women business owners that want to build their confidence muscles (& generally rock at what they do)?” I emailed my answer &, uh, promptly forgot all about it. Imagine my thrilledness when Ana tweeted me to announce that the e-book  was now available as a free download on her site! I clicked right over & found myself in the company of my inspirers & heroes: Danielle LaPorte, Christine Mason Miller, Jessica Swift (she dropped the Gonacha!), Jennifer Lee, Sarah Bray, Tara Joyce, Leah Piken Koladis…do I need to go on? I think not.  I’d link to ’em all, but figured you’d rather get their websites and gems of wisdom by downloading the ebook. I’m so very proud to be a part of this!

career branches

I had a super awesome time being interviewed by Ilona Vanderwoude of CareerBranches. Ilona is a “career & life coach for the modern-day Renaissance personality”, so it’s probably pretty obvious why we hit it off right away. Read all about  how I had to organize & prioritize my goals & interests (while staying true to my Renaissance Soul!)  in order to quit my day job and get my 5 Tips for Living the Renaissance Life by clicking here!


I’m so very excited to be making a live BlogTalkRadio appearance on The Passions & Possibilities Project next week! That’s right – I’ve been tagged as a Passioneer & will be talking to Sue about:

  • my definition of “passions” &  how I’m expressing them in the world
  • the ups & downs along my journey
  • what it’s taken to be successful
  • my experience of prosperity, as I define it
  • tips/guidance to others who want to leap into what they love

And the best thing about it is that YOU can join us live, too! Call in to 347-205-9038 with your questions or just your “listening ears” (as Judge Judy calls ’em!), or click on over to the live stream at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/passionsandpossibilities. Mark it down for Wed, Mar 17th at noon EST & I’ll hear ya there!


It’s a new month, which means there’s a new theme on Spring! This month we’re talking money (gulp!), & our first installment answers the question, “How can you trust that you can do what you love & the money will follow?” – well, as much as it can be in 20 minutes! Come on by, watch our chat & join the discussion in the comments section. Each comment that gets written this month will be entered to win 3 Bright Side Necklaces – 1 to keep for themselves & 2 to give as gifts!  Please note: I have one already, but will happily accept any gifts you want to send me. I’m not very picky when it comes to presents!



  1. Zoe says

    You do get around, don't you?! Great exposure!!

    Just a small comment: I wanted to leave a comment for Katie Osborn on her "Grown Up Gigs" post, but I can't seem to find it on the blog? I got it in my reader, but when I tried to access the comments I get an Error 404 – Not Found message! I would really really like to comment on her post – it was inspiring!

  2. says

    @Zoe – I so do get around like that. Don't tell my husband :)

    And I KNOW how awesome Katie's Grown-Up Gigs was, but I had to take it down for legal reasons (don't ask). I'll pass along your sentiments & anything else you want to say over to her if you'd like – I know she'd love to hear it!

    @Carmen – Super perfect & super exciting!

  3. Zoe says

    Ah, ok, now I know I'm not going barmy! I just wanted to say how much her energy and "get-up-and-go" inspired me – especially the part about having a checklist to be completed each day before 1pm so she could have the rest of the afternoon off. It resonated with me so much – the hardest thing I'm finding about being "unemployed" is being at home all day with very little motivation to keep getting things done. It's so much easier to just sit around and watch TV all day! It would help if the weather were better, of course, and I'm so impressed with how she found a way to keep doing the dirty work and still being able to enjoy her summer – in some ways it's worse when you want to go out and enjoy the weather and you're all cooped up inside, a prisoner of guilt ;o) She's obviously a driven and enthusiastic person, and I could do with just half of her energy! Please tell her she inspired one person at least, before her interview had to be withdrawn! THANK YOU!!

    • says

      @Zoe – I sent your comment to Katie & she said that it brought tears to her eyes! We're trying to figure out how to reword the post so we can re-post it – stay tuned!

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