Tough (Question) Tuesday: Where do you bloom?


Magnet by Aimee of Artsyville. Put these back in your shop, Aimee!

Believe it or not, with all the excitement going on, I couldn’t think of a “good” question (isn’t that such a relative word?) for today’s installment of Tough (Question) Tuesday. So I started looking through my Inspiration folder on Evernote (yup, I clip all the images that I come across that excite me & keep ’em there for a rainy day/blog post) & came across this wonderful saying from Aimee. It got me thinking about how I’m taking myself away from an environment where I most certainly do not bloom (thank you very much!), & into one where I thrive. I grow. I stretch. I reach. I spark. I love. I connect. I bloom.

So tell me, tell me:

Where do you bloom?

Do you need a lot of sunlight, fresh air & water? Do you need a quiet room & a paintbrush? Do you need a bathtub full of suds & a glass of wine? Think about where you feel inspired, & inspiring. Think about where you are & what you’re doing when the time flies & it’s been nothing but fun.

Then tell me, tell me your bloomin’ place in the comment section so I can help you till the soil.

Wow, this was a good analogy.



  1. says

    I bloom when I'm in the presence of inspired people. No doubt about it. It is said that we become like the 5 people we spend the most time with. So choose wisely. ♥

    Love Aimee and all her brilliant artwork. I have that very magnet on my refrigerator.

    xo & belief in you,


  2. says

    I bloom in silence & birdsong, in sunlight, in more sunlight and even more sunlight, in aloneness, in no makeup, no shoes, with hands covered in paint and gesso, or with hands on this keyboard. I bloom with the clocks not counting the hours, with the phone off the hook. I bloom with the door open to the day or late at night, the moon & my cat my only companions. I bloom in my kitchen turned studio, no room for a stove, this small place looking out onto an enchanted neighborhood, or I sit on my couch, laptop in hand. I bloom watching the outdoors, or seated on my bed, surrounded by the night, typing, typing, the truth impossible to keep quiet after midnight. I bloom when time stands still.

    • says

      @Carmen – I never heard that before! "We become like the 5 people we spend the most time with." Thankfully, at this point in my life, I can say, "Whew!" Love those that I'm surrounded with the most often. If I'm even a bit like them I must be a warm, kind, caring, smart, funny lady.

      @Debi – Ah, that's just gorgeous! So powerful & descriptive – even though I don't know you, I see you outside in the brightness, alone in the moonlight, typing, getting lost even though you're in one place. Love it. And thankfully your comment didn't disappear – it just doesn't show up until I approve it so I can keep the spambots at bay.

  3. Allysa says

    I bloom when I'm with friends and On the floor, I kid you not I love to paint and the best place for me to do it has lately been on the floor partially because my one and only table is always covered with stuff but also when I'm on the floor I have as much space as I need and I can lie down and get centimeter away from my work or I can stand up for a different perspective.

  4. says

    I bloom in the mornings. I love getting up around 6am, drinking coffee and starting my day right away …. Unfortunately, my 'day job' keeps me from that at them moment.

  5. says

    I agree with Carmen that I bloom when in the presence of inspired people. And LOVE that quote about becoming like the 5 people we spend the most time with. That one's going to stick with me.

    I also bloom in bright spaces with good music! Music's key for my creative flow!

  6. says

    I bloom in the early morning hours of spring and summer when the sun is just beginning to rise and the family is still snoozing away or in the early evening as the sun is going down and I am sitting on a country porch with my honey.

  7. Stacey says

    I bloom career-wise when I have enough to do but not an overload. When I'm surrounded by those that respect me but that challenge me. And when I feel appreciate and not that I'm doing more work than everyone else for less compensation.

    Right now, I am not blooming. But I hope to bloom again soon.

    In my life (which is somewhat separate from my career), I bloom when surrounded by old friends and family. When I finish a project on my house and feel proud of myself. When I try something new and don't suck at it. When I do something nice for someone else without expecting to gain.

    Most of all, I bloom when I laugh and I LOVE to laugh.

  8. says

    I bloom when…

    … I have just enough structure to let my creativity unfold naturally. Without structure, I tend to stay in left-brain mode.

    …. I give myself permission to let go of perfection.

    … I think about "Spring" – especially when taping a Spring episode – (not the season! hmm… well the season too!)

    … I am writing about something I love.

    … I think about my future with Ben.

    … I am inspired.

  9. says

    well how is that for serendipity! i was reinstalling my link love sidebar and came here to get the right url, and got the surprise of my day! thank you so much for this! and i didn't think anyone would notice that the magnets had disappeared – i guess i'll go put them back in the shop. these are fabulous comments about blooming – i've enjoyed reading every single one!

    • says

      @Amy – Ooh, I hate hearing about the stupid day job not allowing you to bloom when you're not even there yet! Really gets my goat! Ya know, I've started to read The Happiness Project, which is all about finding & creating your happiness within your present situation. Nothing needs to change – not your location, or occupation, or any other word ending in -ation. What can you do now to bring those Blooming Mornings into your life? Hint: think small!

      @Tiffany – Bright spaces with good music….Can I come? Is there dancing? :)

      @Angela – Ah, dawn & dusk – so beautiful & peaceful! What gorgeous moments. I wonder if you can try to specify what it is about those magical times that makes you bloom, & see if you can bring that into other hours of your day. Ahhh….

      @Stacey – If you're not blooming professionally (who's keeping you from it? I'll kill 'em!), are you blooming personally? I love hearing all about those pieces. And the laughing! Seems so easy, right? Any way to keep up with the laughing at work?

      @Carolyn – I'm gettin' you some gold teeth & a cane, 'cause you pimped out Spring right good! I bloom with you girls, too. And I so wanna have a talk with you about creativity vs structure….Hmmmmmm, I feel a Spring Theme coming!

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