Link Love: Sept 2009


sitting on a rainbow: by jess gonacha on pecannoot. This might be one of my favorite illustrations of all time.

This was a super-busy month, & I have to admit that I didn’t go a-blogging as much as I usually do. I thought I’d have a sparse entry for this week, but it must have turned out that I loved what I read, because there’s a lot of meat here!

Here are my freakin’ favorite links for September with some Aug posts, but I didn’t find ’em until Sept so they still count)!:

I wanted to start including links to the most popular When I Grow Up posts for the month, & I have to say I was surprised to see that they were my two vlogs: Stress, Tears, Gratitiude & How I’m Really, Truly Doing as well as I’m a Fire Starter! Following closely behind were the last 2 posts in my Grown-Up Gigs series, Grown Up Gig: Creative Entrepreneurial Endeavor Developer & Grown Up Gig: I Wear Your Shirt. Guess I’ll be doing more vlogs & Grown Up Gig posts, huh?

I also have to give a super shout-out to two of my clients who have started/revved up their own blogs lately. Andi Whaley, the martial arts & running coach that wrote Aspiring vs Being, & Shunning the Non-Believers, started her Hit & Runners blog with 9 posts in 2 weeks. This girl means business! I have to specifically pimp her article, Play Date, which reminds all of us how important “playing” is for both children & adults!

Mike Cullen is a photographer who just opened up shop, & the colors & light in his photos of what “may or may not be flowers” are gorgeous. His blog lives here, but his photos live here, so check ’em both out. You can order his work here for as little as $11.00 for an 8×10. I’m so not a flower person (in terms of clothing/art), but I’m seeing his daisies as a collection in my new bathroom, although this one is my favorite. Loves.

I know I didn’t get to much reading in Sept despite the heftiness of this post, so leave a comment & let me know what you loved reading this month, or what I missed!



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      Leah – You're most welcome! Thanks for the continually awesome posts.

      Kate – You're most welcome, too! I do a Link Love post at the end of every month, so there'll be more where that came from!

      Danielle – Jess is one of my clients, & I was so psyched to hear that she went to your Fire Starter in Atlanta. She's amazing & so are you, so it made me happy :)

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    Wow Michelle – you made my day. Thank you so much. It's very gratifying to learn that you liked not one, but two of my posts! It makes it all worthwhile :). And I really appreciate your contributions to both posts with your comments – you made them more valuable with your input.

    Have fun at the BYW meetup!

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    Wow, what a fantastic collection here. I can't wait to check them out. I've long had a girl-crush on Jess Gonacha–her work really touches me. Thanks for sharing these wonderful finds.

    Have a great night!

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      Join the Jess Gonacha Fan Club, Amanda! Jess is uber-talented & uber-sweet! Totally girl-crush-worthy :)

      Glad you like the links, too! Happy reading!

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