Positivity Week: The End?


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It’s Sunday, Day 7 of Positivity Week. Just a few more hours and then we can all put our cranky pants on, watch Jerry Springer and remember how crapalicious the world is outside: unemployment is the highest it’s been since the Depression, our parents don’t get to retire until they’re 72, the MTA is charging us over $100/mo to provide more delays and less service, & there are no more episodes of Flight of the Conchords until next season. Sigh.

Ok, wait wait wait! I don’t want to sit her in a state of depression and anger and sadness! I want the world to take some Prozac and get better! I want it to be spring already! I want the sun to shine and the birds to sing and all the people to get jobs and have Justin Timberlake be the permanent host of Saturday Night Live (we need a new version of Dick in A Box, & Jizz in my Pants ain’t it. That’s what she said! Wait, that makes no sense.)!

If there’s been anything that I’ve taken away from Positivity Week, it’s that the world is asking – no, begging – No, demanding !- some positivity in their lives. They want a reason to smile. They want the silver lining. So, I’m adding a new weekly installment to When I Grow Up & calling it Sunshine Sunday. A link, a video, a post, a book, a movie, a TV show, a photo of a baby dressed as an animal (I only want to dress my future babies as animals. or celebrities.)…..whatever it may be, it will bring some sunshine to the end of the weekend.

So, my lovely, beautiful, good-looking, spunky, sparkly, funky, positive readers, what have you gotten from Positivity Week? How has this week changed you? What was your favorite part? Have you decided to keep moving and grooving? Drop me a comment so we can keep on keepin’ on together.



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    Great post. I write a lot about personal branding, image management, etc. In what way do you think having a positive attitude influences your personal brand?


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